Sunday, March 21, 2010

Second Week of Renovation

It was the second week of renovations, and like clockwork, after Gymboree classes off we went to Shah Alam. Lo and behold, the banner was finally up!

A great renovation? We'll see Nabil!

Under the scorching sun, I took pictures excitedly. This is the slab for the living hall extension.

Reinforced concrete columns to withstand my master bedroom extension (plus the weight of all my clothes in my walk-in closet).

The maid's room extension at the back.

Look at the size of the rock they found in the ground, relative to Hubby's foot! Boleh complain kat SPK tak?

Then Hubby requested for Tony Roma's. He wanted it to be my treat because..... my bonus is finally in! Hurray!!!

The waiter insisted on giving Hubby the plastic bib. He must have been worried that with Hubby eating with such gusto, he might soil his shirt!

Oh nyummy!!!

I only got a bite of these nyummy ribs. *sob*sob*

Just a sandwich for me this time. Little did I know that the portion of sandwiches at Tony Roma's are this huge!

Look at those layers in my sandwich!

And of course dessert. Hubby's pick because I absolutely detest onions. I don't know how people can eat onion rings!

Look the the size of those onion rings! Ha, makan hubby, jangan tak makan...

Sorry, just pictures this time. I promise it will be a more wordy post next time!

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