Sunday, March 7, 2010

Johor: Day 1 - The Arrival

My cousin is getting married, and his bride was from - (of course, just my luck) from the state at the furthest end of the peninsular - Johor! On normal circumstances, I wouldn't even dream of going for a 5-hour car ride with Aiden. But because of family loyalty, I pondered on it. But to be honest, what tipped the scale towards the trip was the fact that Hubby was just a stone's throw away in Singapore.

So we made plans for Aiden and I to drive up with the rest of the family to Johor, and Hubby shall meet up with us at the hotel. Thank god I could just hitch a ride with another cousin - I absolutely cannot imagine driving long distance with a baby who isn't car-seat trained yet!!!

In the car with us was my cousin's son, newly turned 2 year old, Airyl. Which was suchhh a bad idea. Because the two babies were so obsessed with each other! Aiden would constantly crane his neck from the front seat to check out Airyl who was sitting quietly in his car seat at the back. And then Airyl would cry from his car seat, causing Aiden to cry as well (baby talk??).

Finally, we decided to transfer Airyl into the other car (with my aunt). And finally Aiden slept.

This was us taking a break in Ayer Keroh's R&R. Which also marked the end of my miserable diet. Hello A&W!

Kesian Aiden had 3 mosquito bites on his cheek!

After 5 grueling hours in the car (heh - who am I to complain, I slept most of the way!), we finally arrived at Thistle. This used to be the Hyatt hotel, until they refurbished and rebranded it.

I love the simple modern interior. It is definitely better than the old cluttered Hyatt.

Ha! They were still hanging a picture of my Aunt on the wall. I wonder when they'll change it out to the new Sultan & Sultanah.

This is Airyl. I used to take him over to the house and babysit him when he was around Aiden's age now. He was such a good boy back then! I was horribly pregnant but he was such an angel. Now? He's quite the cute hyper dare devil!

That's Airyl acting jealous. And check out Aiden's "newly tailored" top.

The super huge King sized bed. I think it was actually two supersingle beds joined together.

I just love taking pictures of hotel rooms. Previously, when I was travelling extensively, I used to take pictures of every single hotel room I had ever visited.

And looking at the way Aiden was exploring the room, I hope he'll inherit this weird trait of mine!

Mission - get Aiden in the bathtub!

And the swimming pool!

The view from our room. Breathtaking isn't it?

Then we went to the coffee house to feed our poor hungry tummies. And Aiden threatened us with his bib!

Very satifsied!

The view from the coffee house, which was on the same level as the swimming pool.

I love the big windows in the coffee house. Unfortunately my ID contractor wouldn't let me replicate the same in my bedroom. He equates it to a "fish bowl".

The hungry clan.

Muka cheeky boy.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed back to our rooms to rest. I had nothing else to do but to watch TV and wait for Hubby to arrive. It was a full working day for Hubby, after which he would take a train from Singapore to Johor and then a cab to the hotel. Hubby is an avid swimmer so we had decided to jump straight into the pool as soon as he arrives! Also, the pool closes at 9pm, so time wasn't a constraint.

It has been ages since I last jumped into a swimming pool. The last time I wore these was when Hubby and I were in Kota Kinabalu for a friend's wedding and we decided to do some snorkeling, boat gliding and the flying fish. Little did I know that I was a few weeks pregnant then. (And thank god Aiden survived all the streinous activities!!!)

Even though time wasn't a constraint, a sleeping Aiden was sure a constraint!

By the time Aiden woke up, it was too late for a swim. So Daddy & Aiden took a dip in the bathtub!

It was Aiden's first long dip in a bathtub - since the current house doesn't have a bathtub and the house with the Jacuzzi is far from completion. And he enjoyed it immensely!

Aiden ready for bed, dressed in a long sleeved top which I did not "alter".

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