Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Johor: Day 3 - The Bride's Reception

It was our last day in sunny Johor, and Aiden finally got a taste of the swimming pool. Well not literally, but he finally had his first dip in the pool. And finally used his beach shorts as per its original purpose.

It was just a short dip, mainly because Aiden wasn't really ready for long dips in the pool. Yup, he enjoyed it - he even flapped his arms and splashed water all around. Some of the water even splashed onto his face, and every single time that happened, it never failed to shock him and stop the flapping. But two seconds after he'll splash around again, get water on his face again and act shocked again! *so cute* We took him out into the far end of the pool until he coud only stand up on our knees and barely had his face above water. Hubby and I took turns holding him in the water, but he was having so much fun that we didn't mind!

He was also fixated by the goggle. He'll drag it through the water, bring it up, play with the elastic band and scream whenever we take it away from him. Sorry Aiden, Mummy and Daddy needed the goggle to swim!

This is actually a picture post-swim. Didn't bring the camera down to the pool.

See - still obsessed with the goggle.

After the relaxing dip, it was time to pack, get ready to check out and get dressed for the bride's reception!

Mummy and Daddy were clad in orange. Unfortunately Aiden didn't own an orange top, therefore he had to settle for red instead.

Shikin was standing on the raised pavement, which explains why she appears taller than Kak Marlini in the picture! And Airyl was holding a lolipop, to ensure that he behaves during the reception!

The groom's rombongan had about 10 cars in total. The turn-out was quite amazing, considering that none of us live in Johor!

The very capable best man (in yellow), trying to sogok the elderlys with money at the first toll gate.

After a few tries, we all went into the hall, only to find another toll gate just before the dias. Behind the girls with the purple selendangs, was the bride.

The groom waiting patiently, silently hoping that the angpows he packed were enough to get him through those very demanding elderlys.

Finally, the bersanding ceremony.

The dias - unique but beautiful!


The food was great, and I especially liked the concept of having multiple small kiosks serving desserts. One of it was this really delicious putu mayam!

The bride and groom dressed up concept Jawa .

And even the kids on the bride's side were dressed like them. I especially liked this boy's outfit!

The bride's outfit was absolutely stunning. But she was moving quite a lot so I didn't get a decent picture.

Welcome to the family, Kak Ogy.

The girls in the family camwhoring with Pretty Peektures.

All of us. Okay time to leave for KL, back to reality! Bye!

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