Friday, March 5, 2010

Handy Mummy

While packing for our trip to Johor (read my next post about it!), I discovered something about Aiden's closet: he has nothing to wear.

I am serious! Check out the mess in his nursery... all the tops that I had laid on the floor were either too small or worn way too many times already. Aiden desperately needed some new clothes.

The packing mess. I am sure you would be able to identify familiar tops from pictures in this blog.

Firstly I separated the tops which were too small, and placed them in a box. Then I separated tops which had been worn at least at 5 occasions. And guess what was left? Long sleeved tops!

I have always been somewhat hesitant in dressing up Aiden in long sleeves . Mainly because of the tropical heat and the humidity. Short sleeves were the way to go. Unfortunately, cute short sleeved tops are a rare find. Cutesy designs are usually dominated by those long sleeved tops - designed for countries with four seasons!

So, Mummy decided to become resourceful. I decided to snip the sleeves off!

Snip snip snip. This was the first top I tried to alter. I figured, if I ruined it, who cares!

Thanks to Aunty Awien - she was the brave one with the scissors!

After the success with the first top, it was the Hearbreaker's top turn!

Seriously, I just stood and watch (cos I was too jittery to even try to do anything else). Awien was the one who snipped it off!

You can't even tell that it used to be a long sleeved top right???

Now I am still trying to decide whether to snip the sleeves out of this one! *cheeky grin*

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