Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aiden's Shopping Spree

After the last blog post - a sudden realisation that Aiden has no more clothes that fit him, Mummy decided to take Aiden out for a shopping spree. (I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that the bonus will be banked in at the end of this month?)

Anyway.......... after making an inventory of all the clothes in his wardrobe, I found that not only did Aiden needed new clothes, but he needed new pants, new bibs and new socks as well! Due to the economic downturn, departmental stores left and right were trying to boost their sales by having mark down slash price sales, so I, of course, took advantage of the situation.

I absolutely love Adam's Kids. They have the most "original" designs. And did I mention the 50% discount?

Check out the very unique vested top. The tie and the vest is actually drawn on the top.

This jeans is actually for a girl. But I love the red etchings so much that I simply had to get it. Unfortunately the day after I bought it, I had to return it - the hip size was way too small for a boy. Besar jugak rangka badan Aiden nie!

So I got this black corduroy pants instead.

Very soft on the skin. Thumbs up to Adam's Kids!

Next stop - Pumpkin Patch. I usually shop at Pumpkin Patch when it is on sale, but this time I couldn't wait because Aiden needed new tops desperately (read: alasan)! But at least I get a 10% discount for being a member... which helps, a bit!

Another vested top. Don't ask me why I am so obsessed with vests nowadays. And socks from Mothercare.

A one piece t-shirt + collared shirt. Rimas, said my Aunt. Who cares? I answered.

Aiden in his new clothes.


I call this assemble, Aiden's rock star outfit!

Next stop (I bet you thought that was the end of it, eh?), Parkson Pavilion. They were on sale!

I was actually hunting for a new pair of Ferrari shoes for Aiden, but this one caught my eye instead. Was at 30% off!

And of course, the most extreme splurge of it all.

Okay, I have done enough shopping to last Aiden for at least 3 to 6 more months. Time to stop!!!!

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  1. u know wat.. the same shirt with the tie image caught my eyes too!... altho.. i couldn't possibly buy it for farissa.. do hope the next baby is a gorgeous boy just like aiden tho.. *winks*


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