Friday, March 12, 2010

Eat Your Hat!

Have you ever made a bet, saying "If you're right - I'll eat my hat!", only to find yourself in the wrong? And panicking from the reality of having to eat a hat? Well, rest assured that you'll be able to fulfill your end of the bet. Just run over to Top Hat and order their signature hats!

So that was what we did for lunch. The office gang (plus two sesat guys who decided to trade in their manhood hormones for a nyummy-licious lunch) decided to spend our Friday lunch at Top Hat. We also wanted to check out the place because it boasted of not only a great cuisine but a delightful garden and pond!

The two macho guys (not)!

The set up. Very the classic.

Beautiful koi pond and garden.

I dare hubby to replicate this in our new house! DIY yer Sayang!

The garden has a wide empty space, perfect for outdoor weddings and events.

Their Signature Top Hats. Okay fine, we simple people call this pai-tee.

This is the Spicy Vegetarian Samosa. Comes with the lunch set menu. It was just nice, not too flaky, not too crispy.

Liza ordered the Signature Chicken and Mushroom Pie. The pie wasn't something to shout about, but the mashed potato certainly was!

Jalina and I decided to split the Linguine Arabiatta between us because we thought the portion was big. Wrong move! Although the pasta was delicious...

The Grilled Boneless Chicken Leg. Didn't get to try this out so can't give a review!

Then came dessert! I so desperately wanted to try the creme brule, but no one wanted to try the same. Then Liza wanted Tiramisu, but unfortunately the Tiramisu contains rum so that was an absolute no-no. So in the end, this was what we ordered:

The peach and banana crumble with ice cream. Nyummy... I mean, how can this not be nyummy. Look at the amount of custard sauce!

Warm chocolate pudding. Who can ever say no to chocolate?

We left full and satisfied. Although I thought it was a tad too pricey for lunch. Even a full size cake was at least two times more expensive than an outside bakery, after discount! In the end we had to stop by Secret Recipe for cake. You must be wondering, how in the world can we still have cake after all the above full calorie dishes!

It was actually for Shida, our team secretary. She was leaving us for greener pastures and we decided to get some cake to celebrate. No, not to celebrate her leaving but more to say goodbye lah! Shida actually sits right behind me in the office, so with her leaving, there goes my gossip partner and all other non-work-related secretarial help like photocopying my IC and scanning my bank statements and stuff like that! Such a great loss......

So sharp at 4pm, we all huddled in the kitchen pantry and gave her the surprise of her life! Not only did we have cake, but since we know she travels to work via the LRT, we had purchased an mp3 player for her.

Shida, we appreciate all you've done for the team. And we wish you the very best of luck.

The cheapest but probably the most delicious dessert ever. Banana chocolate cake.

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