Thursday, March 18, 2010

Farewell Kelly!

It has been a week of farewells. First it was Shida, then now my Lead Structural Engineer in the consultant office has tendered his resignation. A week's notice to be exact. And next week it is my counterpart's (consultant) turn. He tendered a month's notice to move on to another consultant. Boy, the oil and gas industry must be really picking up!

The first time I saw Kelly's name on the proposed consultant organisation chart, I thought to myself: "Wow, the lead is a girl?" Little did I know that Kelly is actually a guy. And he has proven to be a really capable consultant lead. He knows his stuff, very friendly (and respectful as he calls me Ma'am!) and brilliant with words. I have always been charmed by his communication skills!

So today is Kelly's last day. And one of his consultant colleague actually baked a really delicious carrot cake just for him. Which we consumed after our Structural weekly meeting!

That's Kelly with his cake. And Syahidan, my counterpart. Both leaving! (Oh, what is going to happen to this project!!!!)

The rest of the Structural consultant team.

The carrot cake was really good. Home made cakes are always better than the ones in bakeries. I can bake carrot cakes, but never have I been able to replicate the delicious topping as the one pictured above.

Full of delicious fattening calorie goodness.

We wish you luck Kelly, in your future endavours. We'll definitely meet again in this small industry!

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