Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Officiating The New House!

Hubby decided to take an additional day off yesterday to resolve all issues with the house. As for me, I was ever the ready to use up my annual leave!

This time around, Hubby wanted to take his parents for a tour around the new house. As for me, I was more interested in offloading some of the items from the current house into the new home, as the current house feels really congested with boxes and boxes of stuff without a place to store them! Most of the items were things that we had slowly purchased throughout the years before the anticipated move - like the ceiling fan, lamps and blinds. Unfortunately, it wasn't safe to transfer the electrical stuff so the built-in oven and microwave had to stay.

We loaded Baby Beemer full to the brim, that even Aiden had to share his space at the back seat with table lamps!

Those are drawer handles. Don't ask me why we bought drawer handles (cos i'm still trying to justify the purchase to my husband)!

That's the ceiling fan (jet black), waste basket (yes I know, I am very well prepared), blinds and tikar and quilt for Aiden to golek around.

We made a transit stop in USJ to pick up Hubby's parents. And Aiden started complaining.

So he got a more comfy ride in my in-laws' car!

A bit cramped, but the porch could fit two cars. Although my current porch is bigger with more space for two vehicles! *iskh*

Look at the mess. I sooo cannot imagine the mess of unpacking when we move in!

After the tour of the house, everyone made use of Aiden's quilt and started to munch on the curry puffs my MIL had lovingly made and fried for the trip.

Dengan confident-nya we plugged in the fan to the socket point, only to find out that the fuse box wasn't connected!

That's my sister in law, screaming at the ice-cream man to stop so that we all could have some thirst quenching icy cold ice-cream.

After exploring every nook and cranny of the house, the in-laws finally left. Our next stop on the agenda was to actually visit Hubby's friend on Cyberjaya, but because of the hot hot weather, we decided to try out the master bathroom for a shower - hence officiating the house.

Aiden and the mess in the Master Bedroom.

Aiden- always the Mr Observant - found an ant crawling on the floor.

And started to follow it all around the room! I swear, he made nearly a 360deg turn just because of that ant!

After Mummy chased the ant away, Aiden started on his version of the "defects check".

Aiden: "Okay Mummy, this socket point passes my prying-fingers test."

Wow, it sure is hard checking for defects. Look at Aiden's lengan baju lipat. So adorable!

Next defect check. The jacuzzi drain.

Aiden: "Looks all right to me, Daddy!"

Jacuzzi defects check.

Aiden twisted that thing until it actually came off!

Okay Aiden, enough of this defects check. Time for a shower!

The water pressure was a bit low, but still bearable. The water was cool, just nice for the hot hot weather. It was Aiden's very few encounters with cold showers so he was shaking his body all throughout the shower, as if trying to indicate that he was cold. We laughed so hard at his antics! After a while his body adapted to the water and then he started smacking his palm on the floor making the water splash onto his body.

Aiden mandi cow-boy jer. No sabun, no towel. He had to share a towel with his parents.

No lotion, and worse still no hair brush. Thank god Bibik had packed a spare change of clothes and a change of diapers!

So Mummy had to use her fingers to comb Aiden's oh-so-soft hair.

Next stop! Cyberjaya...

Kota Warisan is quite a nice township, albeit the distance from the city.

Huge landsize, big houses and cheap prices. What more can you ask for?

Hubby's friend brought us for an early dinner at this restaurant which specializes in Mee Udang (Prawn Mee).

And it was really good! If you're ever in Kota Warisan, you absolutely have to try this. It comes in 3 sizes. Not calculated as the size of the plate, but actually the amount of prawns in your dish. *sigh* How can you ever say no to a sight like that??? *hungry*

Hubby's friend was kind enough to show us his new Semi-D.

That's Hubby's friend opening the front door.

His house is huge! The doors are strong and solid and guess what, the top floor uses solid timber instead of cheapo laminated flooring! The only issue I have with the house is the curved kerawang staircase and the flowery tiles in all the bathrooms. Which isn't really an issue if the concept of your house is English. But sorry, no pictures. Because by the time we got there it was close to Maghrib and the lighting was really bad.

That's it for now! Need to pack for this weekend.....

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