Thursday, March 4, 2010

Of Yong Tau Foo

I have been on a diet for the past two weeks. Okay, fine I cheated during public holidays, weekends and when Hubby was in KL. Which means I cheated last Friday till Monday. Which also means that I have been quite disciplined during the weekdays. Every weekday for the past week I had eaten Yong Tau Foo and nothing else!

So today, I decided to prepare my own Yong Tau Foo. Not only can I put tons and tons of stuff in the soup (which probably cancels out my dieting attempt) but it is also a lot more cheaper! The idea came after I saw a lot of delicious Yong Tau Foo ready-made condiments in Tesco, so the only thing I needed to make was the soup. Can't be that hard, right??

For this post, pictures were taken using the Lomo camera application via iPhone.

That's a picture of the traffic jam I have to tempuh everyday on my way back home. Looks beautiful in the Lomo version right?

For any of you unfamilliar with the Lomo picture, this is the original picture.

This is how it looks like when converted to Lomo. And the above karipap like Yong Tau Foo is really delicious. Unfortunately I left it a tad too long in the pot, that the wanton skin disintegrated into pieces, leaving only the inti intact.

I was spoiled with choices, all from Tesco!

Tak pernah dibuat orang - Yong Tau Foo ada Foo Chuk. But it is my version, so who cares!

I had googled for a few Yong Tau Foo soup recipes from the office, and decided to mix and match from the few which looked believable. To start, I fried about quarter of a cup of anchovies in very minimal oil. Then I threw in a bit of shallots, garlic and ginger - all thinly sliced. Then I poured in 4 cups of water and seasoned it with chicken stock, salt and pepper. Suit to taste. Brought it to a boil and dumped all the Yong Tau Foo in. Don't leave it in too long or you'll get disgutingly disintegrated Yong Tau Foo.

Simple right?

Looks more delicious in the Lomo version.

My version of Yong Tau Foo. Nyummy nyummy nyummy. Even the soup was good!

I even purchased the kicap sauce, ready made from Tesco - sangat pemalas kan?!

After a very satisfying meal, I drove to my Aunt's house in Titiwangsa. My cousin's wedding is just around the corner and I was in charge of coordinating the cookies and cupcakes for the main table, VIPs and the bride's family. So we were going to meet the baker to check out the design and of course, taste it! I have always believed that the food should taste as good as it looks!

My aunt's living room. Even though the lights were off, it still looks nice. Hmmm.. I soooo love this application!

The theme is pink and grey.

Look at the delicate design!

I really like her work. I love her attention to detail and how kemas her work is. And the striped cup really made the cupcake look more classy!

Too beautiful to eat!


  1. were the cupcakes from my aunt or someone elses? i never seen her use striped cups before. cute circus-sy feeling

  2. Ahem ... the cookies and cupcakes look familiar :D
    It was great meeting you and your aunt, and I am excited to get started on these.


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