Friday, February 26, 2010

Salmon Spriral Marinara

After seeing how much Aiden enjoyed his Salmon at Tykoh Inagiku, I decided to at least try to conjure the same in my very own kitchen. I read that salmon could be mixed with vegetables or cooked with pasta, so I figured, why not make my own Salmon Spiral Marinara for Aiden's dinner?

Unfortunately, it wasn't easy finding fresh salmon. The only one I could find was the frozen version, and even that costed a bomb!

Purchased this at our local supermarket. Can anyone tell me where I can get fresh salmon??!!

One pack has 2 pieces of salmon, but I only used quarter of a piece of salmon for this recipe.

This piece is as big as my palm.

And so I thawed it according to the instructions on the pack. Apparently I were to defrost the fish in cold water mixed with vinegar. Why cold and not hot? Because defrosting it in hot water just cooks the outside without the heat penetrating the inside flesh, therefore the nutrients are lost before the actual cooking.

There was also instructions on how to reduce the hanyir smell - by rubbing it with air tapai. Apparently frozen fish smells more hanyir than fresh ones. Unfortunately, I didn't know what the hell air tapai was, nor have it in my kitchen, so I decided to forgo this step. Boy, was that sooo wrong!

After lightly frying the shredded salmon with olive oil, I gave it a bit of tomato puree, frozen vegetables and chicken stock for flavour. And when I tasted it... the hanyir smell/taste was still there!!!

Looks yummy, but hanyir! *shudders*

Decided to just try it out (although hanyir), and blended it into until puree consistency was achieved.

Eww.. does not look yummy at all after going through the blender. And guess what, Aiden flatly rejected it!

After trying to coax him to take just a few more bites, I finally gave up and told Bibik to give him his favorite chicken bubur. *sob*sob* Mummy felt like such a failure!!! He walloped the whole bowl and happily went for his routine bathtime.

Aiden - fresh from his bath, spiky hair and all.

Side profile.

Back profile.

Handsome eh??

So... does anyone knows how to hilangkan the hanyir of the salmon, and suggestions on salmon baby recipes (apart from my miserable salmon spiral marinara!)??? Help!!!!


  1. salmon was the first fish i tried on lyssa too... uweeekkkk on the first spoonful... like she really truly wanted to barf!

    a bit of lemon will reduce the hanyir-ness but i didn't want to put in lemon at the time cos she was still under 1 y.o. and I was really particular about certain food products at the time...

    i usually buy salmon at tesco/carrefour...

  2. my mom buys fresh salmon from coldstorage bsc. try GE mall's CS

  3. Eynda pernah buat entry tentang salmon, beli kat member blogger kat shah alam...salmon fillet dari kilang...sekilo dlm RM30++ & satu pack dapat dlm 10 ketul kalau potong2...fresh jugak..


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