Sunday, October 24, 2010

Behind The PE

Since the last time I grumbled about the PE (being beside my house and also about the small swimming pool I have at the land behind the PE), today we finally rejoiced when the developer of Cahaya SPK decided to do something about the land.

It all started that one fine day when we were at the new house, choosing wallpaper.

Check out our 3D batu bata wallpaper. Tak pernah dibuat orang, I tell you!
And while I was busy doing the honours of putting the curtains up, I saw a LOT of activity going around the land right outside my house fence! This was my view from my family hall window.

Imagine my excitement when I figured out what they were doing. They were making a paved walkway towards the gate (which the residents proposed during the last RA meeting) which will provide easy access for the semi-d homeowners to get to the surau.

The view from the 3rd bedroom window. They also turah the bukit to make space for the walkway. All I hope is that this new walkway will not worsen the level of land beside it, causing worse swimming pools during the rainy season.

Dayang, you recognise that potted plant? *grin*

Also, we are proud to announce that Aiden telah merasmikan the jacuzzi for the very first time. Yes, we have had the jacuzzi for quite sometime, but due to a short power cord that was only rectified by SPK last week, we couldn't get the jacuzzi up and running.

Oh.... I so can't wait to move!!! *excited*

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  1. haha it found a home eh?
    btw...shouldnt the butt be censored too? hehehe

    come on! i want a private house tour!


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