Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chasing the Monday Blues Away with a Massage

After a long stressful week at work, come Monday, I was facing the dreadful Monday Blues therefore I decided to drop by a colleague's desk for my weekly dose of gossip in an effort to chase the blues away.

Unfortunately, she was a bit under the weather as well. Therefore between a lady having Monday Blues and a lady having That Time of the Month sickness, we came about with a solution on how to perk ourselves up to survive the (Mon)day.

What else could be better than going for a full body massage during lunch hour???

We googled for the nearest spa to the office (no point having to drive somewhere when we can just walk) and decided against The Ascott and Impiana Hotel as it was too expensive. In my friend's words, "In the spirit of saving money", we went to the Body Bar Spa and Wellness in Wisma UOA.

I had prepared myself to be disappointed as all my previous experiences at a 'cheap' spa were quite unpleasant. A traditional spa I went to once had a very loud woman babbling away in the next room, destroying the peace and serenity I had hoped for during that visit. Tried a Thai massage once but the masseur was way too rough (I am very ticklish and my threshold of pain is very low). Lastly, the experience that scarred me the most was the traditional massage I had to go through during my confinement. That was extremely painful! I even contemplated paying her just for her to stop the urut urat thingy she was doing. The only spa I ever truly enjoyed was with Sothys, and of course, that cost me a bomb!

The Body Bar Spa and Wellness massage room.

But I was pleasantly surprised. After we chose our ala carte treatment, we were given a foot scrub and then a bath robe, towels and disposable inners to wear. The only pet peeve I had was that they didn't have their own toilet so I had to go to the building's public toilet. Then the massage begin. The lady's pressure was just nice. The whole experience was so relaxing that I slept like a baby (with drool and all). Even when she cracked my back, I felt total bliss (usually I would scream in pain). After the massage, she wiped my entire body with a damp towel so that I wouldn't go to work feeling subconsious with the massage oil smell, and after changing into our work clothes we were even served fresh fruits!!! Needless to say, we went back to the office feeling light and happy. It felt like nothing could screw up our mood that day.

The price? RM115 for a 90 minute massage. You even get to choose any kind of massage they provide. I chose the Balinese massage while my friend chose the Signature massage (combination of Shiatsu, Balinese and Swedish).

I shall definitely go again. My joints are starting to ache yet again..................

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  1. thanks dear for coming to aidan's partayyyy.. tak sabar nak tunggu u pindah.. so that ader kawan jalan2, shopping2, and spa2.. hehehe.. hey, try tanamera spa, in damansara.. khairi cousin's.. you gonna love it.. :)) mmuaxxx to aiden!


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