Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Laid Back Weekend at Kidz Sport

This weekend was very different from any other weekends. This weekend, we spent doing nothing productive. Literally.

Usually on weekends, we would be jumping from one end of Ampang to the other end of Shah Alam, either fulfilling invites to kenduris, attending birthday parties, running errands or knocking on the wall at the new house.

This weekend, Hubby threatened to not come home. Reason being, he wanted a weekend to sort out his outstanding work before he leaves Singapore for good at the end of the month, and he wanted to 'study'. But I lured him home by saying that we would be very good and not bother him. I even told him we would stay home and do nothing, or if that proves to be too noisy for him, I even offered to take Aiden and Bibik out to give him a bit of peace and quiet.

Well, I did keep my end of the bargain. He was hard at work in front of the laptop at the dining table, while I updated this blog (notice the hike in blog posts for the past few days?) using the other laptop in front of him. And surprisingly, Aiden was on his best behaviour in front of Daddy (except for the few balls he threw into Daddy's face from the living hall). But come Sunday afternoon, he was already itching to get out of the house. And of course Mummy racun him to do so lah kan!

So in the end we went to GE Mall which is a stone's throw away from our house. It was quick, close by and easy to access. First stop, Pet's Wonderland! Such a great idea by Daddy because Aiden enjoyed himself watching the adorable kittens, the fishes and most of all the very active puppies. They were literally tumbling all over each other in their kandang behind a glass panel and Aiden got all wide eyed and excited, his mouth spluttering tiny gushes and gasps at their antics.

I sometimes get dirty looks from passerbys when they see Aiden wearing this monkey which is hooked to a long cord which I hold. But seriously, I rather telan these dirty looks than risk losing my very hyperactive walking toddler in the throngs of people flooding the mall.

Next stop, Daddy decided he could spend a few hours watching his anak teruna play at the giant slides and giant ball pit in Kidz Sport. Note to parents, bring a pair of socks for not only your toddler but for yourselves as well. Or pay up for a pair of adult socks (RM5.90 each) or risk being denied entry. Since Aiden is below 2 years old, we only had to pay RM10 (non member) for his entry. Note that this is per entry, so if you're planning to bring your toddler for some playtime, make sure he/she is full as you're not allowed to leave for lunch or whatever and then come back.

While Mummy was paying at the cashier, Daddy plonked Aiden into a sports car!

Despite seeing the giant slide as soon as he entered the playland, he preferred to jump into the ball pitt first!

Such a shame that we forgot the SLR camera, so the trusty iPhone was used instead.

Such vibrant colours! Note to self. SLR camera, please!

Aiden resting in the mountain of colourful balls.

There was even a smaller ball pit at the side, catered for toddlers below 2 years old. Complete with a mini slide.

And he took on that first slide attempt like a pro! (Usually we slide him down with at least one hand holding him, but this time we just pushed him down free fall, and he enjoyed it!)

And insisted on going again, although climbing the wrong way!

He totally loved it!

Me: "Aiden, pose please?"

Yes it is official. My son loves camwhoring too. Must be in the genes.

Then Daddy took Aiden for a ride on the giant slide.

This one we didn't dare letting him freefall. And we could see that he didn't enjoy it as much as the smaller slide. Nevermind Baby, maybe when you're a bit older okay?

Aiden: "Ooppss... wrong way. I don't want to go out!"

Toilets are provided within the play area.

Back in the giant ball pit. It was full with kids much older than him, but he didn't care! He was having the time of his life!

One of the older kids dragged the mini slide into the giant ball pit.

Mini rock climbing for the more adventurous toddlers.

Getting on the crocodile see saw.

And then back into the mini ball pitt. This is Aiden scaling the slide for the umphteenth time. But this time he is doing it all by himself.

Yup, by the end of the day he knew how to climb the stairs, sit at the top of the slide and push himself down. All by himself! Mummy is so proud of you darling!

And then it was time to leave. (Daddy got hungry, if it was up to Aiden we would still be in there...) Couldn't resist taking a picture of Aiden's sneakers side by side with a matching adult Adidas sneakers.

Happy happy faces. Aiden happy that he got his dose of playtime. And Daddy happy that he managed to mengelat off work. Me? I'm just happy that they're both happy!

And how convenient, The Chicken Rice Shop was just a floor away.


Aiden walloped everything we placed on his plastic plate. Rice with soup, fish balls, even paitee! He must have burned a lot of calories back there.

He even ratah the soup with fishballs, blowing on it to imitate us trying to cool the soup to room temperature.

I'm glad you had fun, Aiden. We shall definitely do this again!


  1. I love taking IY to KS too. One place where he could run free like nobody's business. And I don't have to worry of him jatuh tergolek or whatnot.

    Yes GE is nearer to us too but my favourite has to be the KS in OU. You shud try there! Aiden's gonna love it. It's bigger and the could play footie with daddy. Siap ada mini goal post.

  2. Yeah, I was truly amazed that I could just leave him there to play in peace. You're right, no need to worry about him jatuh or anything like that. I've been to the one in OU but when I was there Aiden was too small to understand. Maybe we'll start going to the one in OU when we move. But GE Mall is way too convenient for us for now ;)


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