Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Migraine and Another Trip to Kidz Sport

Yesterday I was complaining about how bad my headache was and this morning, I officially classified this headache as a migraine.

By the way, how exactly does a migraine feel like? I am rarely sick and do not have any asthma, resdung or migraine since I was a little girl. When I was in primary 2, I remember having a classmate who had migraine during an overnight qiyyamulai at school. She was crying her eyes out and was being comforted by a couple of teachers. A few friends told me that if you have migraine, you can't even stand having the lights on. You would need to stay in the dark and just sleep!

Well this (so-called) migraine of mine did not have the above symptoms. I was just having a really bad throbbing headache. When I placed my finger to my temple, I could feel the nerve pulsing in pain. And by night both sides of my temple were throbbing. I downed two Panadols and went straight to bed.

The next morning I was still feeling the after effects of the migraine. So I decided to sleep in and call in sick. However by noon, I was up and healthy! And me being me, I can rarely sit still doing nothing, unless it is an offer for a Criminal Minds/CSI marathon in front of the TV. Contemplated going into the office, then decided to just stay in and spend some quality time with Aiden. So we went for a scrumptious lunch at a Nogori food restaurant (I so need to blog about this) and then off we went to GE Mall again!

What better way to spend quality time with Aiden then to spend it outside the house? Dah la he stays at home full-time 5 days a week! No wonder he looks forward to the weekends.

This time, we went to ToysR'Us first. He was so happy that he got to try everything in there.

He actually made an effort to pull toys out of their shelves to play with them. Definitely good for his motor skills.

This is like the saying "it's like putting a kid in a candy store" but instead of a candy store, its a toy store. Aiden is shown here being overwhelmed by the various toys in front of him that he doesn't even know where to start.

All i'm thankful for is that Aiden is still at an age where he doesn't know how to demand for toys. Nor know that if he guling guling on the floor he would probably get what he demanded for.

Then of course, Kidz Sport again! With a pair of Thomas socks in tow.

Of course, the same ol' ball pit.

And the same ol' mini slide.

Aiden now does not need his Mummy to teman him while playing. He simply scales over the ball pit partition and runs over to the next play set on his own.

*sob*sob* Aiden, you're growing up way too fast for Mummy!

After a few minutes I went to check on him, and he was already in the mini ball pit playing with another boy on his own.

Tak kisah pun Mummy menyorok kat mana pun.

This time he tried the tunnel slide for the first time.

The freefall wasn't that steep so I guess it wasn't as thrilling.

But still he tried to climb up the wrong way again.

Terserempak dengan girlfriend in the tunnel slide.

And even shared a see-saw with her. *Awwwwww*


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