Saturday, October 23, 2010

House Hunting in Alam Impian

The next day, we found ourselves yet on another house hunting trip. Albeit it being Hubby's birthday (sorry Sayang, we are soooo not romantic this year, can't believe we went house hunting on your birthday!!!) we managed to roll out of bed, dressed up and left for our first stop, Kinrara.

Kinrara is seriously overpriced. Sorry, let me rephrase that. Houses are so overpriced nowadays. I remember being this *shows tiny gap between thumb and index finger* close to buying a semi-d in Kinrara only to change our mind last minute to SPK. And now, a link house in Kinrara is as expensive, if not more, than that. My friend has been pushing me to buy a house in Kinrara. Being freehold and all that, he claims that if I invest +/- 700K now, in 2 years the link house would appreciate to about 900K. I like the prospect of a capital appreciation, but seriously, I cannot phantom the image of a 900K link house! I honestly pity the new graduates, how the heck are they ever going to buy a house with these obscene prices???

Besides checking out Bandar Kinrara, we also checked out Kinrara Residence, a mixed residential development with Super Links, Semi-Ds and Executive Bungalows (guarded and complete with clubhouse) by Mah Sing. Can you believe that despite it being leasehold, all the non-bumi lots are sold out??!! What is wrong with people nowadays? Too much money kah?

And then off we went to Alam Impian. Again. This time we were determined to check out the show house!

When will money ever start growing on trees? Because I want one of those babies!

The sales gallery was housed in one of their sold-out first phase semi-ds. It was packed full of people!

The verdict? Perfect built up for a semi-d which means minimal renovation, hugeeeee master bedroom, excellent finishing... and I love the solid timber flooring. I want!!!
The down side? Semi-d sold out. There were only 3 houses remaining of their latest launch of link houses (~540K, 24x80), with one being sold as we were standing in the sales gallery. Like hot cakes, I tell you!
Are you drooling yet?

Okay, maybe the Cahaya SPK lake is better looking (ayat sedapkan hati).

After that we ventured to the other side of Alam Impian, the TTDI Alam Impian to be exact. This one had a totally different strategy to it. Instead of sell and build, they build and then sell. So the Spira (link houses of 20x70 and 22x70) are built and ready and then sold off. Not a very good strategy for investors, because the house would not appreciate as much as if you wait 2 years (and of course, pay minimal interest until the house is ready in which you then get it off your hands). Of course, what else is new, it was sold out too. But since the show house was open, we decided to check it out for deco ideas!
The facade. This is the 20x70.

Living hall. I like the splatters of blue in the otherwise very neutral coloured room!

Dining hall. See the blue rimmed bowls?

Blue wall filled with white frames. Pretty!

The view from the master bedroom. Horseshoe concept, with the playground in the middle.

Out of all the rooms, I love this one the best. Must be because of the daring yellow. But Hubby would not let me replicate this in our own home. *sob*sob*

The master bedroom. Loving the yellow armchair!

Walk in closet.

See how simple shelves can transform a room?

Maybe I need to buy paintings for the various rooms first, and then paint the wall to match the painting?

This is the 22x70.

Dining hall. A bit too mature for me.

Can anybody tell me where I can get this book shelf?

Black and white master bedroom.

Full mirrored walk-in closet.

Hubby sibuk nak inter-frame.

Very neutral.

Definitely the cutest room.

By the way, those box shelves are expensive okay? We found the during the HomeDec but bila tengok price, no thank you lah!

And best of all, all the houses come complete with a horizontal pond that crosses across the living hall sliding door! Hubby loved it!


  1. external sliding doors
    I want to thank to you for giving us such a great valuable information about this really a great work

  2. Liz, i pon minat book shelf tu. kat mana ek bole dpt? ke derang buat built in?

  3. babe...if you want investment, check out Denai Alam. The land property is going crazy and since its by Sime Darby, its not bad- freehold etc. Corner LINKED Houses launched 2009 for 800k is now 1.2mil. Go GAAHHH now. Theres a new launching 27 Nov for superlink.

    Bukit Jelutong Semi D belakang my house is 3MIL! it was selling for 1.7mil 2 years ago...seriously even working people cant afford, ni plak new grads

    Warning: No showhouses. just teenytiny model houses.

    sincerely, insyaallah future Denai Alam citizen. muahahahaha.

  4. Liz:
    I totally agree with you Liz..harga rumah sekarang memang sangat mahal! Kalau budget 200K memang susah nak cari landed house bagus..Dekat area our house tu pon the price is sky you said, macam mana la fresh graduate yang baru start kerja nak beli rumah..

  5. liz, kitorang dah tukar blog add.. :)

    p/s: best nyer bangun2 jer, pegi house hunting.. :)) is this for investment, dear?? if yes, great! :) stay kat cahaya spk noooo.. :)

  6. harga kat Alam Impian memang mahal.. saya pun x sure macam - mana harga akan datang..
    We managed to get our unit for Canting back in 2008, yes it's reasonable but we suffer with all the dust and messy with new development.

    Feel free to join contest at my blog

  7. kalau buat homestay mesti gempak..ramai orang nak booking tu


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