Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday Daddy!

Finally, after all the house hunting drama in the morning, we found the time to celebrate Hubby's birthday during the night. Initial choice was to surprise him with Italian at Favola, Le Meridian but when I casually asked him whether he preferred Aglio Olio versus a fat juicy steak, he wanted the steak! Hurriedly went online using my iPhone to check the price of a Rib-Eye at Prime, Le Meridian and nearly died when I saw the price. With only a few hours to spare before the big dinner, I finally settled for Jake's at Starhill Gallery instead.

And it was definitely a good choice. Very laid back but still, delicious nyummy fat juicy steaks. Prime would have been too stiff, anyway.

Aiden was occupied with crayons and colouring cartoons.

"I want a steak bigger than the size of my palm, since it is my birthday!"

I went with the retro 70's look that night.

Happy colouring away while Mummy and Daddy order.

Aiden gets the kids meal - nuggets and of course, fries.

Look at his chubby fingers grabbing the fries!

Daddy's freshly squeezed mango juice.

Slurping my strawberry smoothie.

Aiden loves feeding us all. I wonder why...

He loves sharing his food with just about anyone. Check out his wide open mouth, as if motivating us to open our mouths wider.

Daddy imitating Aiden.

Oh, and did I tell you that Aiden now knows how to pose???

The birthday boy's Australian Grain Fed T-Bone (min 400 gm).

Yours truly posing with my Australian Grain Fed Rib-Eye (200 gm).

So Daddy gets the bigger piece!

Look at that medium well juicy tender steak oozing with goodness!

My two boys.

His first time attempting the corn on the cob.

Look at this pose! *cair*

Another adorable one.


Daddy went trigger happy with all the poses Aiden was giving him.

Daddy "waiting" for the birthday cake surprise. Tak surprise langsung! No thanks to the lady waitress who actually called me to the side to ask whether I wanted one or two slices of cake for the surprise. Macamla tak boleh tanya after the birthday song surprise!

At Jake's they do the birthday song a bit differently, mostly with percussion instruments like castanets and baby cymbals. Of course Aiden wailed his lungs out in fright!

Happy 29th Birthday, Sayang!

We love you to bits and pieces.

Birthday present courtesy of Jake's.

Nyummy chocolate brownie.

Aiden was smiling again, with the presence of a balloon, again, courtesy of Jake's.

Our verdict, steaks highly recommended although some planning with them on the birthday surprise would be much needed so that it becomes a surprise!

Aiden enjoying the fishy swimming in the tanks right across the restaurant.

Back home, Aiden insisted on modeling the hairband.

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