Friday, October 15, 2010

An Afternoon at KLCC Water Park

It was the 3rd Friday of the month, and as usual, it was Work Hard Play Hard (WHPH) at the office. Don't even bother trying to understand what WHPH means. In simple terms it just means that I get a half day off from work.

The initial plan was to bring Aiden to a playland in GE Mall, but then my colleague's daughters(who were supposed to join us) had to cancel and she told me to try the KLCC water park instead. I have heard of this water park, but in the rare few times that I went jogging around the park, I have never seen it! But since she swore to me that it existed, I called my aunt and arranged for her to bring her grandson, Airyl to join Aiden for a splash in the water.

It was not easy getting two toddlers and their stuff into strollers.

The entourage. Aiden wearing his "Lock Up Your Daughters" t-shirt.

We went up and down, high and low looking for this water park. We could see it, but we had to scale multiple staircases (imagine doing this with 2 strollers in tow) just to get there. I wish they had placed proper signages and saved us those calories!

Yes, my SLR lense cap can be seen. But this is the only picture of the whole place that I took.

After the whole beach scare, I thought Aiden would appreciate his Mummy bringing him to a so-called swimming pool. Unfortunately, he was still scared. *sigh*

So Aiden grimaced all afternoon.

My second in command (my cousin) had to plonk Aiden on the pool floor.

But he insisted on standing!

And still standing.

Thankfully, Mummy came prepared with beach toys.

And Aiden finally had a teeny weeny bit of fun in the water.

Airyl was of course deliriously happy!

After playing quietly in the water for a couple of minutes, he ran to safe land.

But ran back into the water when he saw Bibik chasing him with his milk bottle!

Happy playing with his yellow ball, courtesy of Aidan's 1st Birthday.

Tapi muka tetap stress.

They then ventured to the other side of the pool and ran into the rainshowers.

Airyl enjoying the water on his face.

Aiden hates it when water splashes on his face.

Airyl roughing Aiden up by smacking him on the back.

And ran away when Aiden looked at Mummy for help.

In the end he played alone.

And sat quietly in the shallow end of the pool.

Fortunately for us, it was a very beautiful day.

Then Aiden found the gigantic well equipped playground just beside the water park.

Tried the swings first.

And finally, a smile!

Enjoying the thrill of wheezing through the air.

Bulu mata panjang and lentik!

Totally loving the slide.

And insisted on another round despite Airyl hogging the space.

Payback time, Aiden trying to sabotage Airyl's ride.

Airyl enjoying the view.

Airyl is old enough to go down the slide unsupervised.

Exploring the maze of tunnels, loops and bends.

No matter how many times you tell him, he insists on going up the slide the wrong way.

Running excitedly around the playground sampai Mummy semput mengejar, with bulky SLR camera and all.

Finally Mummy gave up on chasing Aiden and plonked Aiden in the swing again.

And finally finally finally, the two kiddos were safely strapped in their strollers. At first Aiden didn't want to drink his milk but when he saw Abang Airyl drinking, he agreed to imitate him.

Then it was time for the babysitters to sit down for some ice-cream to cool off the sunstroke heat.

Aiden and his onion rings.

I really hope you enjoyed yourself, Baby!


  1. never been to KLCC water park with the kids yet. Sungguh stress muka Aiden masa kat pool tuh...but on the swing ceria habis...haha. Maybe he's just not into playing with water lah mummy...but i'm sure he had a fun day..:)

  2. Yeah, dah brape tahun duduk kat KL and that was my first time too! Sunggu memalukan. He definitely had fun at the playground. But absolutely detests the water. So not like Daddy! ;)

  3. Lovely pictures and I'm so happy I found your blog. Going to Kuala Lumpur in February for the first time with our daughter and I couldn't remember what the little water park looked like. This will be a perfect activity for her. Happy New Year! towe.


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