Friday, October 8, 2010

Chili Fried Salmon

It is Friday again and it is time for my weekly visit to the kitchen. The kitchen and I, we don't meet very frequently. My dinners are usually either purchased or I resort to my trustly ol' Fitness cornflakes dunked in milk. Really, there isn't much motivation for me to cook ever since Hubby started working in Singapore. That combined with my neverending efforts of trying to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

But I would make it a point to try (try being the operative word here) to conjure something up in the kitchen for Hubby's arrival every Friday night. Last week was udang nestum. This week, I wanted to use the salmon that has been sitting in my freezer since my last trip to Tesco. The difference between this salmon and my previous failed attempt in making salmon spiral marinara is that this salmon is fresh while the previous one was frozen packed (and therefore very hanyir!) so remember, fresh salmon is the key!

Distinctively remembered that a fellow blogger cum future neighbour of mine had recently shared her recipe for making a meal out of salmon. So I spent the whole evening going through her blog and finally decided to try Eynda's Salmon Masak Berlada.

Because it was my first try, I only used this much of salmon.

Perap with salt and tumeric powder.

Fry the salmon. Because Aiden cannot eat chilli, we set aside a portion of the fried salmon for his meal.

Blend bawang besar, cili merah and cili padi. Increase the number of cili padi to increase the pedas intensity. Set aside. You will also need asam keping and shredded daun limau purut. Set these aside as well.

Sauté the blended ingredients...

....until garing and pecah minyak.

Add a bit of water. Since Hubby likes his dishes berkuah, I made sure it was extra watery. You can choose to make it kering as well.

Add in the asam keping and shredded daun limau purut. Season as needed with salt and sugar, even chicken stock!

Put in the salmon, mix well and you're done!

There you go, chilli fried salmon. Check out Eynda's blog for a more flattering photo.

I also made udang nestum again this week. Gara gara tension sebab minggu lepas tak jadi. And it turned out better!

XXL sized prawns. See, this is how the nestum should look like. Not soggy but crunchy!

Anyway, Hubby was extremely impressed with the Chilli Fried Salmon that he actually scooped some rice into the dish plate just to get every single drop of the kuah. Thanks Eynda, such an easy recipe but we truly enjoyed the end result.

For the rest of you, happy trying!


  1. i will definitely try this recipe!! it looks really mouthwatering!!

  2. Hehe you really should! So simple but yet really really tasty. I was quite surprised myself!


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