Sunday, October 3, 2010

Macy's End Year Sale

I love Macy. You can tell from my blog post about my shopaholic experiences here and when they crowned me the first prize winner of an LCD TV for their contest here. They really should nominate me as a Macy Ambassador!

Sadly, this year, they are not going to have their annual warehouse clearance sale. (What a pity, the year when I needed this the most, they decided to not have one, sheeeeeshhhhh!) This year, they are only having an End Year Sale.

So, that fateful Friday, my partner-in-crime-in-shopping, Miss Nick Nacks and I gobbled our lunch quickly and we drove to the biggest Macy outlet we could find - Minlon, Seri Kembangan. The plan was to quickly shop and return to the office by the end of our lunch hour (yeah right!!!)

When we arrived, we were shocked to see that their parking lots were absolutely full! Damn, the morning crowd must have beaten us to the good stuff. So I quickly reversed my car into the only available parking spot - a teeny weeny small space right between two 4WDs. And this was what happened:

I bumped into the 4WD and dented poor Baby Beemer. The 4WD wasn't even hurt!

Here's another angle. This is my very first accident since I started driving Baby Beemer. Aaarrrggghhh...

Due to the extreme stress, I munched on free popcorn all day long.

The first thing we pounced upon when we walked in, was the fabric. Can you actually believe that they were selling their fabrics for RM1 per meter???

Fabrics for curtains and sofa upholstery strewn all over the floor. Apparently these fabrics have already been in their stock for at least 8 years or more so they wanted to let them go.

But did I really looked like I cared?? At the rate our spending is going with the new aircon, tv panel, bed panel and platform, kitchen cabinets (and the list goes on), I felt that this ultra cheap fabric could come in handy in the future. So I hunted for a reasonably looking fabric and bought the WHOLE ROLL - 38 meters in total! Where could you ever get 38 meters of fabric for RM38?

70% off for all house decorations.

30% off for carpets. I fell in love with this carpet but at RM1K plus (before discount), Hubby said it was more than a want rather than a need.

Table runners, bedsheets, curtain hooks - all at 70% to 75% off.

Fell in love with this garden set.

So, if you're looking for something on sale to add on to your house, run to the nearest Macy today. If you're looking for an RM1 fabric, don't bother running or even walking. Because by the next day, they had ran out of fabrics.

Amacam, ada gaya Macy Ambassador tak? *grin*


  1. bila mau ajak sayaaaaaaaaaaa???.. :P

  2. Sorry dear, completely forgot yang you pesan suruh ajak bila ade Macy sale. Takpe next time okay? Wait for the warehouse sale. Sure lagi best than this one. ;)

  3. ohw..apsal tak nampak entry nih kat blog i? aishh... nanti warehouse sila ajak saya jugak.. sgt jeles tgk u beli stool bar kat macy last year! arghh

  4. Hehehe Wirda, memang on! Next year kite camping depan Macy tunggu warehouse sale okay? Hahaha. Stool bar tuh kecik jer kalau compare dgn bookshelf solid wood yang I melepas sebab lambat tuh, fuuuhhh lagi sakit hati woo!

  5. Hi Liz, saya tiba2 suka akan Macy sejak baca blog ini. .tapi dah terlambat sekarang macy tak buat jualan gudang lagi. nak tanya, betul ke sofa Macy lepas beberapa tahun akan cepat rosak. Sebab baca review quality sofa macy agak kurang.thanks in advance if u dpt jawab soalan ni.

    1. Oh wow... saya pun dah lama tak ke Macy. Macy pun dah lama tak buat warehouse sale, tuh yang jarang ke sana. Saya ade satu jer sofa Macy, in the family hall kat atas. Hall tuh jarang guna sebab usually semua orang berkumpul kat bawah. So far sofa tuh masih ok, but can't really vouch for its durability sebab jarang guna kan.... But for curtains, alhamdulillah no complaints so far! :)


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