Friday, October 22, 2010

Hubby's Birthday Eve and House Hunting

It was the eve of Hubby's birthday and he was on his way back home! Even though it was only Thursday, but we were lucky because he had something to attend to in KL on Friday (his actual birthday) so he came home a day earlier.

Unfortunately his bus was soooooo slow, and I got soooooo engrossed watching TV that I missed the 12 o'clock mark by 5minutes. Alah okay la tuh, 12:05am. But he claimed that I was late by 12minutes. After a bit of a light banter on who's clock is more accurate, he finally arrived at 12:40am. After we picked him up, we went straight to the kopitiam in front of the house as he complained that he was hungry.

Look at his little boy, all bright eyed and cheeky at past 1 o'clock in the morning! Even the waiter commented "Tak tido lagi??"

Aiden: "Daddy, another one year to the big 3-0!!!"

Took Hubby's picture to mark him turning 29, but he prohibited me from uploading it into this blog, so we'll just have to settle with a picture of his scrumptious Nasi Goreng Chicken Chop.

This cheeky boy wanted to get out of his baby chair to chase after a stray cat.

Nasib baik la Bibik boleh lagi melayan kerenah Aiden kejar kucing bawah meja at 1am.

We finally got home close to 130am. Aiden was extremely grumpy because we extended his bedtime too late so with all the kicking and screaming until Daddy had to pindah and sleep on the floor to give him space, he finally slept at about 2am-ish.

The next morning I had to wake up earlier than usual because Hubby had to be at a certain place by 830am. Usually I leave the house at 830am! (I shudder whenever I think about the travel time from Shah Alam.) But it was a short day at work because I was on a half day leave. By 123opm Hubby had already picked me up and after his Friday prayers, we proceeded to our next agenda................... House Hunting!

You must be thinking, why the heck is she house hunting, again???
Since Hubby has turned 29, and I will be turning 28 in exactly one year, one month and one day, we decided that as proper adults, we should be investing our money smartly. Saving money in ASB isn't sufficient. At 8% interest per annum, it isn't as lucrative as buying and selling property. So this time we're house hunting for investment purposes. Have you noticed that 2 years back, (when we bought the Cahaya SPK house) 700K was the average price of a semi-d, but now when people say 700K for a link house, we don't even bat an eye lid? So yes, we're on the prowl for a 2-storey link house with a good location and a high investment value!

Guess where we went first. Klang.

Before you judge Klang the wrong way, this project is by Sime Darby! And Sime Darby has an excellent track record for developing housing projects like Bukit Jelutong, USJ Heights, Putra Heights, just to name a few. So we went to check it out with an open mind.

Presenting Sime's latest project, Fuego in Bukit Raja Klang.

I repeat. Sime.

They were only going to launch the project the next day, so they had a tent, balloons and all. They even have a playroom so that the toddlers can play while the adults contemplate investing their money in peace.

The facade of the sales gallery.

So how was it? Size wise, it was huge. 26x75! Link houses nowadays are rarely above 24. Usually they are 22, some even 20! Design wise, it was nice. Double volume dining hall, the guest room and maid's room each has a bathroom on their its own on the ground floor. Although I have to say the maid's room is a bit too small for my liking. Finishing was superb - each bathroom has a modern clear shower screen complete with a full size wall to wall mirror okay!
But then again, it IS Klang.

Oh, did I tell you that the Fuego development is planned to be around a man-made lake?

And on our way out of the sales gallery, I saw this. I have heard of this numerous times, but this is the first time i'm seeing it with my own two eyes. Yes, paid foreign workers, even students, camping outside the sales gallery gate to get a queue number for the payee to be able to jump the queue the next morning when the sale opens.

On our way to Klang we noticed the new LKSA highway heading to Alam Impian. A future neighbour of ours bought a house in Alam Impian after selling her SPK house, so I was quite familiar with the development. But I had never been there, so I asked Hubby whether he wanted to check it out.

And boy, oh boy, were we hooked! They have a lake just like SPK, access was a breeze since LKSA is right smack in between Kesas and Federal Highway (they even have their very own toll, just like Setia Alam) and the houses are so pretty!!!

Unfortunately the show house was closed. And it was slightly drizzling. Note that this is Alam Impian by I&P, not TTDI Alam Impian - they are both on the same plot of land but different developers.

The above mentioned lake.

And this is TTDI Alam Impian - Spira (you can see the first two letters of the name on the right side of the picture).

Again, also closed.

We left Alam Impian with a heavy heart, both silently pondering on why we didn't check out Alam Impian before buying Cahaya SPK. *sigh*


  1. wow best nye beli umah lg, pegi la SACC convec tu ada pameran hartanah.

    denai alam penah pegi tak?

  2. Hahaha Wirda, macam confident jer lepas loan kalau nak beli rumah lagi sebijik!!! Denai Alam kitaorg dah pernah pegi tapi mahal giler. Location wise, kalau untuk duduk sendiri mmg okay. Capital appreciation tak tau la pulak. Anywhere else I should check out?

  3. Rajin nye you!Tapi seriously, buying properties can be addictive. Especially when you have all the resouces.


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