Friday, February 5, 2010

A Room for Bibik

No, I am not trying to auction off my Bibik in return for a cosy room and a hot meal. No, no nothing of that sort. I don't do human-trafficking (blame this on watching too much CSI yesterday).

Let me vent. We just discovered that the Utility Room in our new house (planned as Bibik's room) is a tad too small. Okay I am lying. It is really ridiculously small!!!! Small to the point where my fellow neighbours and friends say its "kejam" if I make the room as her room. Besides being too small to put a bed and still have room for her to do her prayers, the room doesn't even have windows! Memang kejam! Why in the world Cahaya SPK made both of their showhouses to show the room as a bedroom, I have no freaking idea.

So my brilliant friend came up with an idea. Install a bed which can be pushed to the wall. Wall bed. So when she needs to do her prayers or iron clothes she can just push the bed to the wall. When she wants to sleep, pull it down. So I googled it and found a few examples:

This one looks neat, cos it comes with a build in wardrobe!

This one looks less sturdy cos the bed is really hanging in the air. More suitable for kids. And what if in the future I get a new maid who's oversized? Patah la katil tuh!

But then another friend rebutted her brilliant idea by saying kesian my frail old Bibik has to pull and push the bed every single day. And you should see my Bibik. She really is frail. And old. Besides that, I don't know where to get these beds! They're not available in Ikea! If you know where to get one, please let me know!

So... the only way out? Build another room. There goes my 2009 bonus. Sob sob sob...

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