Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Afternoon at Get Crafty, One Utama

This is a way overdue post - which explains why Ian looks bald in the first few photos. But still good information for mothers looking for a day of arts and crafts for their kids.

It was the school holidays and I was at the end of my maternity leave. Aiden was getting quite bored at home so I decided to kill two birds with one stone - get Aiden out of my hair for an hour, and do some light shopping before I had to report for work. Usually I would drop Aiden off at Kidzsport while I have my facial, but he is always left accompanied by the maid. In my opinion, Kidzsport is just way too big for him to be left alone. 

But this time around, the maid was occupied with Ian - hence I had to find a place which accepted drop-offs, is manned by enough staff to guarantee safety, and of course - offered an interesting activity for Aiden. A neighbour suggested Get Crafty in One Utama, so I decided to give it a try. As for Aiden, upon hearing arts and crafts, he immediately jumped up raring to go!

A goodbye hug from Abang Aiden.

"But Mummy, I want to go too!"

With a heavy heart, we left Ian at home. Aiden was oh-so-excited in the car, he kept pestering me to drive faster. *erk* Finally we arrived in One Utama. Parking was a breeze as it wasn't even lunch hour.

Get Crafty, One Utama

Get Crafty is located on Level 2 of the One Utama new wing (beside MPH). They accept kids from as young as 3 years old. The first thing you have to do is to choose an art project that you/your child would like to do. These art projects can be found lined up against the wall close to the entrance. Each art project has a time tag attached to it; it indicates the estimated duration of time the child would take to complete the project (hence the amount of time the parents would have to pay for).

One of the staff helping Aiden into an apron. Oh, he looks like Picasso here!

Aiden getting comfortable.

Since it was our first time here, I didn't want to commit to anything more than an hour, for fear that Aiden would get bored quickly or hungry or whatever. So I asked him to choose an art project that would take only an hour. (If it was up to him, he wanted to choose this huge mega cool spaceship that would take three hours for him to finish!!!)

Each session is an hour and each hour is RM50. Hmm... I don't mind paying RM50 for an hour of solid "me" time!

After ensuring that Aiden was left in good hands, I started my shopping spree. One hour passed by really quickly and soon I found myself rushing back to Get Crafty so that I could get pictures of Aiden finishing up his project. When I arrived, he was putting the finishing touches, so I got some shots of him getting up from his chair and following the staff to the toilet at the back to get cleaned up.

My little Picasso was done.

Blur shot! Had to really zoom in for this picture. 

As soon as he walked out, he proudly showed off his jet fighter to me, and exclaimed "That was the best day of my life, Mummy!" *grin* Wow Aiden, you are very easy to please aren't you?

I am glad that he had fun. Even though the art project was a simple one which I could have probably replicated at home, I am sure his experience at Get Crafty was way more interesting than painting cardboards at home. Also, I wouldn't be too happy with him playing with glue, glitter and paint splatters at home! Poor Aiden, his arts and crafts at home are usually confined to the outdoor patio area.

Aiden insisted that I take a picture of his creation to be sent to Daddy.

Afterwards, lunch! We headed to Chili's just a few doors away for Aiden's favourite kids' meal - hotdogs!

I had to coax him to let go of his jet fighter so that he could concentrate on lunch.

Aiden's beautiful creation.

My favourite - chicken crispers with honey mustard sauce and two corn sides!

Aiden attempting to bite the corn. In the end he gave up!

I would definitely send Aiden to Get Crafty again. I heard there is a new branch in Setia City Mall too - that's even closer to home! You can even organize a birthday party at Get Crafty - contact them for more information.

Any other suggestions for kids drop-offs? I've been wanting to try out BlokSpace at Ikano Damansara but haven't found the chance to do so. Aiden's transitioning into Lego nowadays so I bet he would love that too. Send me a comment if you have any other great suggestions!

Get Crafty
S318A, Second Floor, One Utama Shopping Centre
T: +603 7729 7155
L2-10, Level 2, Setia City Mall
T: +603 3358 4638


  1. Ilhan loves this place too! Kalau datang OU mesti ajak sini. The reason I enrolled him to an art class is because of this! Well, because of the RM50 per session lah actually. His art class is only RM90 a month (that's 4x sessions). Dah jarang dah pegi since dia masuk art class.

    1. Ooooo where is Ilhan's art class? If I remember correctly somewhere in Cheras kan? Too far la pulak for me to send him. RM90 per month is cheap!


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