Thursday, November 20, 2014

Syed Faizal Makeup Class

I recently went for a makeup class!

No, no this is not turning into a beauty blog. It is still pretty much a mummy-mummy blog. But mothers are also wives who need to look good for their better halves, if not nanti jadi macam kes Mak Mah. If you haven't read about it or the various spin-offs from her story, read it here. For my international readers (I know I have plenty cos I track where my readers come from - thanks for reading!) please note that the article is in Malay.

My makeup routine is typically whatever I can put on while waiting for the traffic light or when stuck in traffic. I go for routine facials (by routine I mean my beautician calls me numerous times to remind me to come in for my session *haha*) and my occasional trips to MAC for my monthly haul of Studio Fix, but really - that't about it. Compact powder, eyeshadow, mascara, blusher, lipstick, quick check in the rear view mirror - done!

Then my neighbour persuaded me to join a makeup class! She was raving on and on about how Syed Faizal (the makeup artiste) taught her how to apply the "natural look" makeup and how she learnt so much from the class... and of course, I bought into it.

But because I didn't want to attend the class alone, she agreed to volunteer to become the model for the class that day so that I could drag her along. The class was held at Paper and Toast restaurant in KL and scheduled to started at 10am, but we were the last to arrive - thanks to Waze. As soon as we stepped into the restaurant, Syed Faizal greeted us and then said that I looked familiar. Oh, what a small world! Apparently he is my step sister's best friend and he was also the makeup artiste for her wedding!

Anyway, the class was split into two parts, first two hours for tutorial where he taught us the basics of makeup, products to use and such, then lunch and then the next 3 hours were for practical where the students were required to put make up on themselves with his guidance. Each student was given their own mirror and a set of smoky eyes eyeshadow. For everything else you can choose to use his makeup and brushes, or bring your own (so you practice with what you use daily).

Syed Faizal in action. And the said neighbour, of course!

Love, love, love the smoky eyes.

End of tutorial session.


The tutorial class was great! We learnt everything from scratch. From tinted moisturizer to primer to concealer to foundation to contouring to loose powder to eyeshadow to eye liner to mascara to eyebrow to shading to lips and even false eyelashes! *that was a mouthful!*

He also shared his favourite products and the type of brushes suitable for each. He answered questions and even shared tips and tricks that he had picked up through the years. He gave away so much of valuable information that I went through two pages of scribbles (front and back, mind you!) just noting everything down. Two hours went by in a breeze and soon it was time for lunch. While everyone went for lunch, Aiza and I stayed back to pose for pictures.

Touching up before photos.

Natural look, right?

Syed Faizal even made up her hair and afterwards she posed for pictures for his Instagram.

Even in the most unforgiving lighting - sunlight, the makeup looks natural! Suitable for day use too.

Scrumptious roast chicken from Paper and Toast. Suitable for my diet too... erk except for the potato salad!

Afterwards, it was time for the practical session. Ooooo I was so nervous. All these while I was putting on makeup in the comfort of my own car, and now I have to put on makeup under the scrutiny of a renowned makeup artiste and 11 other critical ladies (participants)??? *shudders*

Good thing my neighbour was around because she then became my sounding board and my query partner. "Babe, nak letak nie Syed suruh guna brush ape tadi?", "Babe, cukup blend tak concealer I nie?" and so on and so forth. Worth to note was my very stiff hands. I couldn't seem to replicate the airy brush strokes that Syed taught us that day. Must be my engineer hands! 

But, I swear, in that 5 hours I learnt more than any YouTube video or MAC artiste could teach me. All the participants were really friendly and most importantly Syed was very approachable. Ask him anything and he would try his utmost best to give you an answer. Totally worth my money!

My made up face with the sifu himself. Unfortunately the lighting was not too good so you can't see my shading and blusher. *phewww*

Nevertheless, if I bump into Syed in any future family events, I hope he doesn't get too critical of my makeup. I can sooo imagine him saying "I dah ajar you semua harituh, so kenape makeup macamnie lagi??!!"

Partner in crime!

So do you think I can use this certificate to climb the corporate ladder? Well, at least I will look good doing it! *grin*

Arrived home and was super inspired by the class that I dug out my stash of (unused) makeup brushes. Wow, I was surprised by how many I owned. Funny thing is, I don't seem to have all the brushes I need as advised by Syed. Time to go shopping!!! *shopaholic*

Brushes galore. Some have been in their cases for too long that even their brands have been stripped off!

I hope I find the time to blog about my recent makeup haul. Enthused by Syed Faizal's makeup class - of course! So stay tuned! #sfmakeupclass

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