Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Instant Mother of Two

Mother of two!

It is no easy feat being a mother of two. I am actually very lucky to have a "nice" gap of 4 and a half years in between the two; Aiden is more independent so I am actually able to devote more attention to Ian.

Imagine being an instant mother of two!!! Yes, twins. Let's not even start with triplets and more. When I was younger, I had always secretly wished for twins. "Senang sekaligus beranak and terus tutup kedai." Hmm... yeah right. Nowadays the more mature and experienced me is saying the complete opposite. First thing that comes to mind when people say stuff like "I hope you get twin girls next, Liz!", is... tandem nursing. *laughoutloud* I can't even breastfeed comfortably with one, and you want me to try with two? Erk...

But, I am definitely not disputing that twins are a joy to have. A joy to have, if they are not mine - at least! *grin* Imagine being able to dress than in matching clothes, and watching them grow up to be the best of friends. Awwww...


So a close of friend of mine gave birth to a pair of twins recently. My first friend with twins actually! Similar to Ian, the twins were born on the same day as their mummy *the beauty of inducing labour* and they celebrated their aqiqah last weekend. 

It was a beautiful ceremony. The babies looked like they were sleeping in a bed of flowers. And they were so well behaved! Look at them sleeping quietly in their own flower baskets. Awww...

Armaan Hanif.

Adam Hareez.

I absolutely loved the decorations. Stunning floral garden deco matched beautifully with the emerald green and gold theme. Food was scrumptious lauk kampung and so my diet went down the drain that day. Oh well, expect no less from Pak Abu!

Love love love the khemah decoration. Aiden was the one who actually pointed it out - even he was in awe!

Fresh roses on every table. I happily posed my Prada with the beautiful roses.

After the very hearty lunch, we returned inside the house to pose for pictures.

Mother of two can't even get a decent photo of these two boys!

"Tak boleh masam lagi ke, Ian?"

Danya, Maryam and Mummylicious arrived soon after.

Many, many, many poses after that...

Finally, one decent picture. Ian was not amused!

"Smile Ian, smile!!!"

Best smile we could get from Ian that day.

Meanwhile, Aiden and his friend (or rather he claims - his best friend!) were busy acting like they were twin babies. 

Twin toddlers more like it!

Ian had a go as well.

Congratulations Hana and Haekal. Good luck with the sleepless nights and thank you for having us. I hope Aiden and Ian didn't wreck the beautiful baby cribs! And of course, Adam and Armaan are shooooo cute!!!

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