Thursday, November 13, 2014

Little Spa Kingdom - A Royal Treatment

Have you tried bringing your baby to a spa?

Well, women and bags (*grin*) are not the only ones who should get a spa experience. Babies should too! Little Spa Kingdom provides exactly that - warm swim sessions and massages especially for pampering babies. Total royal treatment! Doesn't that sound just heavenly?

Before we start with pictures, please take note that this is not an advertorial. I genuinely wanted to give Ian the spa experience before he turned 6 months old. (Take note that there is a minimum weight of 4.5kg though.) Hence, Ian was about 5 months old in the following pictures. *botakhead* And since Ian had such a great time, knowledge like this should be shared with other parents too, right?

Little Spa Kingdom is located in Publika. Block A4-1-1 to be exact. (Good luck with the parking!)

I had to explain to Aiden that it was an afternoon for Ian. He was quite gracious about it. *bigbrother

When we walked in, I was pleased to see that they had full sized windows which allowed plenty of sunlight to pour in. Combine that with the colourful decorations, hanging mobiles, pennant flags and painted coloured sea creatures; it certainly had a warm and pleasant ambiance for kids and adults alike.

After filling in the required forms, they explained to us the various packages that they had. Since it was our first try, we didn't want to commit to anything long term so we chose the single use. Also, since we didn't have time to do both Baby Swim (30 mins) and Baby Massage(30 mins) (we were worried that Aiden would get quite cranky if we were there for too long), we prioritized and chose the Baby Swim.

Loved the bright and cheerful colours that greeted us. 

We were then assigned an infant therapist and she brought Ian to the changing area. The changing area is also where babies get their massages. She helped change Ian into a pair of swim diapers (included in the spa price).

Smartly dressed.
I miss those chubby thighs!

Meanwhile, Aiden was quite contented watching a movie at the kids hang-out area. So glad that they provided entertainment for the older kids. Kids can also get a haircut, temporary tattoos or even a manicure/pedicure at the Royal Hair Parlour while waiting for their baby brother/sister.

Aiden practically hogged the TV with the rocking chair, and Ian was all ready for his swim!
The therapist slowly immersing Ian into the water. Sorry for the pink float baby, that was the only one available that could fit you!
Shocked face! Soooo cute.

Don't worry, the water was warm. And Ian, being a water baby and all, took to it like duck to water. Soon he was actually floating himself confidently and even started kicking his legs!

Moving his body all around the small baby pool.
Soon he was even giving us some baby talk, gushing and babbling in delight. It was such a joy to see him having such a great time.
Then we decided to move him from the individual baby pool to the bigger pool. There was already a baby in there so we wanted to see how Ian interacted with him.
Okay, they totally ignored each other. Heh, what did I expect from a couple of infants? *grin*
Check out the number of paparazzi and onlookers we had, crowding around the pool.
After a while, Ian even started flapping his hands, gushing baby talk all the way!
"Okay, maybe I've had enough, Mummy!"
Family picture.

So proud of Ian. Obviously, he has taken after Hubby who loves anything related to water. Aiden on the other hand prefers to be dry, like Mummy!

I thought the 30 minutes swim was just nice. To add on another 30 minutes for a massage would have been a tad too long. Maybe when Ian is slightly older. I was told that the babies would typically fall asleep during the massage. Heh, even I would fall asleep at the hands of an experienced masseur! *in desperate need of a massage now*

Ian fast asleep after the very satisfying swim session.

Next time, i'm going to give the parents neck rub (20 mins) a try!

Little Spa Kingdom
Publika, A4-1-1 Solaris Dutamas,
No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603 6211 7758

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