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Samsung KidsTime: Parents Agree with Lizzieasamummy!

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Raise your hand if you allowed your child to use your mobile device yesterday. *Liz gingerly raises her hand*

You’re having dinner out with your family and for some reason, you’re at your 5th mouthful but your child is done with his. He wants to get out of his seat and run around as he is bored. Raise your hand if you insist that he sit down and reward him with a game or two on your phone. *Liz raises both hands*

You’re on your way to balik kampung and your child keeps asking you “Are we there yet?” a gazillion times. He’s getting cranky and you sense an emotional outburst coming up. Raise your hand if you turn on a YouTube video on the tablet for him to watch to pass the time. *Liz raises both hands AND feet!*

Tablets can provide a healthy media diet when dining at a restaurant.

*sigh* Yup, it is true. We depend a lot on mobile gadgets and devices to keep our children occupied in the occasional situations when we can’t. Sometimes I wonder whether this unproductive use of time is turning my child’s brain into mush!

If you did not raise your hand to any of the questions above, and you can confidently proclaim that you do not let your child use your mobile device; then congratulations, your kids are part of the 2%!

2% of what, you ask? Well, according to a recent study by Insights, 98% of parents in South East Asia allow their children to use mobile devices, be it their parents’ device, shared family device or their own. I personally do not know anyone in the 2% range – so holler if you child is in it!

For the rest of the parents, heh - 98% doesn’t make you feel so bad eh? Think of this statistic the next time your child asks for your phone. *grin* More fun facts in the infographic below:

Fine - so the tablet has become a necessity in your household and is practically another family member. Let’s just embrace it; the tablet is probably the second thing I would pack (after passports) when travelling with Aiden and Ian. But deep down, you and I know that in order for a child to form a healthy relationship with any technology, it is crucial that parents set boundaries. So how do we do that? How do we turn our child’s screen time into a positive experience? *scratches head*

Aiden engrossed with the tablet.

Well, if you read the infographic until the end, you would have noticed that WE are not alone. Majority of parents believe that it is important to monitor their child’s device usage. Not only that, the survey also observed that parents would like devices to include control mechanisms to help them monitor their child’s device usage. Features such as setting a time limit, preventing in-app purchases and monitoring usage progress are the most desired features in a device by parents.

Samsung took all that into account when they developed Samsung KidsTime. As I have explained in my previous blogpost HERE, Samsung KidsTime provides edu-tainment apps, educational substance and age-appropriate media for kids. Parents can now hand the tablet to their kids without that twinge of guilt, as they know that their kids are learning while playing. Samsung KidsTime also provides parents reassurance that their kids are engaging with educational screen activities within a safe environment, and provides parents the avenue to monitor the duration and the type of apps that their kids have been interacting with.

If that is not enough, Samsung KidsTime educational content can also be used to supplement your child’s current school curriculum. With Battle Station, Aiden is now starting to take an interest in fractions. This is way ahead than what he is doing in kindergarten, where he and his classmates are still working on numbers 10-20. Samsung KidsTime also aspires to provide localized content to nurture your child’s language skills. Oh, I am super excited for this! Aiden really needs to brush up on his Malay as he will be entering primary school in a bit more than a year. It has been a tough battle trying to coax Aiden to practice his Malay, so I am definitely looking forward to enticing him with localized games and e-books on Samsung KidsTime.

Aiden enjoying an abundant range of educational content on Samsung KidsTime.

Recently, Samsung took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to give local parents an opportunity to tryout the Samsung KidsTime and find out what they thought about it. Click on the video to watch!

See how the parents agreed with Lizzieasamummy? *honored smile* If you would like to join me and other satisfied parents on the bandwagon, download the Samsung KidsTime app HERE via the Google Play Store. For more information on Samsung KidsTime, visit their official website HERE.

Share with me if your child is enjoying the educational apps on Samsung KidsTime. I would love to hear from you!

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