Monday, November 3, 2014

My Alma Journey and Vernis Color Reference

From the LV official website: "The most structured of the iconic Louis Vuitton handbags. The original was the creation of Gaston Vuitton, who named it for the Alma Bridge, a span that connects two fashionable Paris neighborhoods."

I have been drooling over the Alma Vernis for the longest time. Like serious drool. *wipes drool off the floor* Okay I am exaggerating but you get the picture.

Unfortunately, I just wasn't captivated with any of the 2014 colours. Firstly, the more interesting colours like lilac (Lilas) and fuchsia pink (Indian Rose) were made into solid colours. Like, come on! I want a Vernis because it is glittery and shiny! It's like a Vernis signature, kut! That person in LV who decided to make Vernis into solid colours should immediately be sacked! *dramaqueentalking*

Secondly, the colours were BORING. Apart from the interesting solid colours, the only ones left were neutral and typical colours such as beige, light pink and red. I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone - don't worry, Almas are really pretty in just about any colour! But due to my outgoing personality, loud colours are my thing. Ask any of my friends - they would probably tell you "Liz is probably the only person I know who would be able to pull off fuchsia pink from top to toe and make it work."

Okay, drama aside.

A friend of mine made a trip to Europe recently, so I told her to ask the local LV boutique whether they still carried the 2013 colours. I wasn't really hoping for a positive reply, because when I visited the LV in Gardens recently, they were only carrying the 2014 ones.

But luck was probably on my side. She excitedly texted me and told me that they still had (limited stock of) certain colours such as Rose Velours, Grand Bleu, andddddd.... Bleu Lagon.

It is quite evident that I am in love with Tiffany Blue. Click on the links to see how I decorated Adrian's aqiqah and my SIL's wedding with Tiffany Blue.

Soooo.... presenting my new and beautiful Alma Vernis PM Bleu Lagon!

It's not really Tiffany Blue. It has a green-ish tinge to it, which probably makes it more mint green. But who cares! I'm in love!

The signature clochette. (Yup, I actually had to google the name!)

Gold shiny padlock and zips.

This is how a Vernis should look like. Shiny and most importantly, glittery!

The inside of the bag. It is quite roomy but I don't like forcing the mouth of the bag wide because the leather is still quite stiff. Also the bag doesn't come with a strap so arm candies are not comfortable to use if they are too heavy.

Monogram Vernis.

Since I did quite an extensive research on the various Vernis colours, thought I should share this with you. You know, just in case you're on the hunt for a Vernis too. *hello bag-a-holics!* The Purse Blog Forum has a wealth of information; so the pictures below are courtesy of the Purse Blog Forum.

The Vernis colours. 

This is arranged according to year, with the oldest at the top and latest at the bottom. LV introduces between 3-8 colours per year. 

So have you decided which one you want yet? Come on, let's be Alma buddies! *grin*


  1. Replies
    1. Hehe Alyaa, mengancam eh? Mengancam jugak nak bawak masuk bag baru senyap senyap tanpa bagi Hubby nampak! Huhuhu okay kena puasa handbag lah macamnie!

  2. i have the indian rose. am a bagaholic too (much to hubby's chagrin hehe)

    1. Hello fellow bagaholic! *waves* Oh my, it looks like we are both outgoing personalities; we love fuchsia! If only the Indian Rose came with glitter, I would have snapped it up in a heartbeat. But then again some people said that Indian Rose with glitter would be too much. Solid colour pun dah cantik. Oh well, I think anything in fuchsia pink is fabulous! :)

    2. hi!! *waves back* how could ppl not love fuschia??!! hehe. i'm actually not that fond of LV but i really love the Alma. it's versatile and eye catching kan. perfect as an arm candy. personally i prefer chanel but looking at the prices now it's just too crazy to spend that much on another chanel. btw, love your blog! i used to write too but now dah malas hehe. are u on ig?

    3. Yes, people everywhere should love fuchsia!! (Although Hubby is still resisting to fuchsia for Hari Raya hahaha) I love the structure of the Alma and yessssss Chanel prices are crazy nowadays, Birkin tak payah sebut lah kan! Thanks for making the time to read my blog, yes I am on IG too - search for lizyahaya :)


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