Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maintaining a 10kg Weight Loss with Nasi Lemak?

If my blog post title was a test question, and you answered yes, you would have failed miserably. Carbs and weight loss? Heh, forget it.

But guess what I did the day after I hit my 10kg weight loss? Yup, I made Nasi Lemak for breakfast yesterday. Dah melayu tuh melayu jugak! After two months of not having any carbs or sugar whatsoever (except for my three cheats i.e. Eid Adha, Miri and Hubby's birthday), last Friday - the weighing scale finally showed me as being 10kg lighter. Last day of diet, yeay!!

Nasi Lemak recipe from this blog here. She's a big fan of nasi lemak so her blog is aptly named Nasi Lemak Lover! I love her sambal ikan bilis recipe. In my humble opinion, a nasi lemak sambal should be sweet, not spicy. Hers is sweet with a tad of spiciness. Just nice! My maid even commented, "macam bumbu daging dendeng!"

And since I was won over by her sweet sambal tumis recipe, I simply followed her recipes for the nasi lemak and the ayam goreng berempah too! The fried chicken recipe had curry leaves as an ingredient, so I was happy that I was finally able to make use of all those curry leaves sprouting in my garden. You can also use the same sambal tumis recipe to make sambal udang! I have yet to try it, but i'm sure it's good!

Sambal tumis ikan bilis.

Fluffy nasi lemak. I think I tasted heaven in every bite!

A neighbour actually commented, "Tau la ade pokok kari, penuh daun kari dalam pinggan!"


The condiments.

Aiden and Hubby really enjoyed breakfast yesterday. We actually had it for breakfast and lunch, and they even had second helpings. I erm... couldn't help but to join in. Whaaaattt??? Someone had to sit and supervise Aiden eat, right?

See, even Ian agreed that the nasi lemak was goooooddddddddd......

Happy eating!

Okay, do me a favour and don't ask me how many grams I gained post nasi lemak, okay? *kisses*


  1. ayam goreng tu paling win sis. look yummy

    1. Oh memang sedap Alyaa.... worth the calories! Ayam goreng rempah memang my favourite. *drool*

  2. Hahaha.... you caught me with that title.. I was wondering what was your secret weight loss ingredient in that.... nice meeting you... hehehe

    1. Yup, nice meeting you too Miera! Yeaaaa unfortunately no secret ingredient in losing weight except for staying away from nasi lemak! Hehehe


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