Monday, November 17, 2014

My US Shipment!

So am I shopaholic or not??

Yes, this was how much I purchased from the US. Okay fine - my friend and I pooled our purchases together to take advantage of the shipping. *chuckle*

Andddddd... what did I buy? Lots and lots of pots and pans. Probably one too many because my maid actually exclaimed,"Mana nak simpan semua ini, Puan??!!" (Where are we going to store all these??!!)

What else, you ask? Towels, bedsheets, party supplies, pinatas, Aiden's school supplies and costumes for the kids. My beautiful Noritake dinnerware deserves a special mention too. Andddddd.... *embarrassed grin* a digital weighing scale. Time to get back in shape!

By the way, those Frozen party items are not mine yeah. I know i'm yearning to get a girl next, but I don't think Frozen would still be the in thing by the time she pops out (whenever that is)!

Clockwise from top left - Frozen party supplies. Dragon and pirate costumes for Ian and an Iron Man costume for Aiden. Pots and pans, and a KitchenAid pasta maker attachment. Batman, pirate and golf party supplies for our future parties.

My pots and pans; currently I am eating healthy so only the griller is used daily. The chicken roaster will hopefully be used soon. The rest are erm... erm.. erm... still in the box in the store room! 

I got such a goooooood deal with this Noritake Crestwood Gold set. Can you believe this 50pcs set cost less than RM1k? 

Here's a close up of the Crestwood Gold pattern. It looks really striking against my grey marble table. Hoping for another trip to the US to buy the teapot next!

No closeup pictures; but the Royal Velvet Egyptian Cotton towels were so soft. Total regret - I should have bought more than two, because they are now our favourite towels!

Anyway, it wouldn't be a complete shopping experience if the kids didn't shop too! *what else is new* I think I may have bestowed my shopaholic traits to my kids. *ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi* Ian was ecstatic that we had all these boxes in the living hall for him to explore and chew on. Aiden, on the other hand, was really happy with his choices - a Jake and Pirates school bag and matching swimming costume. He was also thrilled with his surprise - the Iron Man costume. Super thrilled, that he insisted on wearing the costume two days in a row. Ah, you know, my son the attention seeker - I bet he enjoyed all the attention given to him by passers-by. Smaller kids were running to him to have a closer look at the outfit. Bigger children were giving jealous glances. Adults actually stopped him to ask where he bought the costume. Oh, he had a field day!

Wore this to a shopping mall, and Iron Man entered a colouring contest!

Wore the outfit again the next day, and Iron Man bullied his baby brother too!


  1. hey.. on your next post.. y not you give us the step by step instructions on how to make that Crestwood purchase of yours.. :D kaching2!

    1. Hahaha Farah, actually I tumpang shipping someone in Shell yang pindah from Houston to KL so technically shipping was free. But really, if you ignore the shipping costs, the price of the Noritake is USD$300 with 20% off, not even RM 1K kan??? Super cheap!

  2. Where did you buy that Noritake set?? Such a good deal!!

    1. Hi Mel, the Noritake set is from Bed Bath and Beyond then I used an online coupon for 20% off. Macy has it as well and if you wait for their sale, they sometimes go down as low as 25% off. All US websites, ok? :)

  3. Hi.May I know where did you buy all of this? Amazon shipping rate is quite expensive.

    1. Hi, I bought this from a range of places. Noritake from Bed Bath and Beyond. JC Penny for the household items and of course, Party City for the party wares. Shipping was free for me as I asked a friend who moved from Houston to KL to include it in his shipping.


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