Friday, November 21, 2014

The Inspiring Makeup Haul

Here's a continuation of my previous post on makeup.

Inspired by the recent makeup class that I attended, I hauled quite an impressive bulk of makeup in the the span of a few days. Most of them were as recommended by Syed, while the rest were products that the sales assistant managed to persuade me to buy.

Who knew that makeup was so expensive? I mean, a small jar of tinted moisturizer from Bobbi Brown costs RM220? *sweat* A brush (yes one brush) from Makeup Forever costs RM165? *double sweat*

Anyway, I posted a picture of my recent makeup haul in my jumbo acrylic makeup case on my FB recently, and I received a couple of messages from friends asking me to elaborate on what I purchased. I'm not going to do a review on them cos I have only had them for a couple of days, and also because I am no makeup guru. But at the very least you can use this as guidance for your next makeup purchase as these are all Syed's favourites, hence tried and tested by a professional makeup artiste.

So, here goes!

1. Acrylic makeup case. I have 3 sizes in total. I purchased the jumbo one a few years ago in Bonita. I don't think they sell these anymore. But this is an ultra huge size which I probably want to let go soon, because every time I bring this out, people think I work as a makeup artiste! So I recently bought the medium (RM115, 6x9.5x6 inch) and the baby (RM64, 17.5x11x12 cm) acrylic case (I couldn't decide on which one to get so I got both!) from Sephora. The medium is used at home while I prefer to tote the baby size for my makeup adventures in the car.

This is my makeup stash when in my medium acrylic case. Everything fits, even my facial range products and my makeup brushes!

Jumbo, medium and baby acrylic cases.

2. Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer balm in light to medium tint, RM220. Apply this with a stippling brush from Real Techniques.

3. Urban Decay pore perfecting primer, RM135. Apply this with a small brush. I simply used my fingers! Apply this to your forehead, t-zone and cheeks to give a soft matte finish.

Sephora only has the Urban Decay primer in a big tube, so this will last you for a longgggg time.

4. MAC pro conceal and correct palette in medium, RM145. I apply this with a deluxe crease brush from Real Techniques. (You can also use the buffing brush from Real Techniques for this.) I use this to cover my eye bags and acne marks on my cheeks. Love the coverage so far! But be sure to blend well.

MAC concealer palette - comes in six different shades!

5. MAC foundation in NC30, RM156. Slight regret here, should have bought the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (RM185) instead as I think MUFE's foundation is lighter and less greasy. Oh well, next time then! I apply this with a MUFE flat paint brush (small size RM165) *cries* For a lighter coverage, you can also opt for MAC face and body foundation.

6. Make Up For Ever loose powder #18, RM122. I dust this all over my face with a fluffy powder brush but I am eyeing a kabuki brush for this too!

Crazy expensive paint brush to be used with the MAC foundation, and then use the MUFE loose powder to set your makeup. Have you ever tried the kabuki brush? So luxurious!

7. NARS eyeshadow base in Copa Cabana, RM140. It makes your eyeshadow last longer and you can simply use your fingers to brush lightly on your eye lids. You can also use the same to highlight your cheekbones and nose bridge. When I was in Nars, I was soooo tempted to also take their sculpting kit in Laguna (RM220?) and blush in Orgasm (RM120) but managed to stop myself in time. The Orgasm blush is a shimmer blush with coral tones to it - lovely! And I am still a novice at contouring so don't think I want to venture into sculpting just yet!

8. Sephora eye crayon jumbo liner in gold (I took beige), RM42. Line the inner corner to outer corner of your lower lid with it to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

9. Maybelline hyper sharp liner, on sale for RM17,80, and Maybeline rocket mascara also on sale for RM31.80 - both from Watsons. Hey, sometimes expensive doesn't mean better. Cheap can be good too!

10. Shu Uemura eyelash curler, RM65. I have had this for years (10 years maybe), so I decided to get a new one. Even Syed admitted that of all the eyelash curlers that he had used, Shu Uemura is still the best.

11. MAC brow set in toasted blonde (I took bold brunette), RM67. Use this to stroke your brows into place while naturally shading and defining your eyebrows.

In the background is the Nars eyeshadow base (big black tube). In the upper tray is the MAC brow set, Sephora jumbo crayon, the Shu Uemura eyelash curler and the Maybelline eyeliner and mascara.

12. Makeup brushes. I purchased the Real Techniques starter set (RM135) and now I am drooling over the core collection (RM145). But seriously, I regret getting the starter set in KL as it is much much cheaper if you buy it online (USD18). Real Techniques even provide worldwide shipping to Malaysia for just ~USD13 which is about RM45. My neighbour and I are planning to buy more brushes together so we can split the shipping cost.

This is where I store my brushes, especially if I am using the baby acrylic case.

Anway, here's a look on how I keep my makeup in the baby acrylic case for daily use in the car. So only the bare makeup necessities are included in the case. All facial products go into a pouch and the brushes are kept in a separate brush case too. 

The bare minimum.

Super cute!

Anyway, I hope I have inspired you to buy more makeup improve your skills in concealing, blending, contouring and sculpting. Boy, who knew makeup was tougher than baking a cake! *smile*

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