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Hiruscar Kids – Farewell Scars!

Aiden has a huge scar on his right hand. *sigh* Well at least, he’s a boy and scars on boys are manly (I hope)! However, that doesn't stop me from cringing every time I look at it. I have always hoped that it would fade over time, but no matter how much creams and lotions I slather on the scar, nothing was working.

I have never relayed this story in my blog, but Aiden actually got the scar from putting his hand underneath……. *drum roll please……* the mat of a moving treadmill. I won’t get into the gory details but there were a lot of shrieking and screaming (from me, not him!) and we rushed him to the emergency room.

The childhood scar.

When Hiruscar® Kids approached me to try out their new kids formula for skin scars on children, I was intrigued. Since nothing else had worked for Aiden, I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Hiruscar Kids is formulated by Medinova from Switzerland. It is a topical gel for kids with 5 powerful molecules to care for childhood scars. It helps reduces the visibility of scars and can also be used on insect bites and minor wounds. The 5 molecules are:
  • MPS (Mucopolysaccharide polysulphate) – a unique ingredient that helps to promote wound healing process.
  • Allium Cepa – 34 times more concentrated than other sources, it prevents the build- up of excessive tissue, which is the main cause of scarring
  • Aloe Vera – its healing properties helps reduce inflammation from scalds and burns
  • Allantoin – it promotes healing by generally improving cell regeneration and remove dead cells. It also provides moisturizing effects.
  • Oat Meal Extract – has anti irritant and skin soothing properties.

This is definitely not a chemical heavy cream. I was very happy to note that most of the ingredients were derived from natural ingredients.

As kids (boys especially!) are always running about outdoors, they are bound to collect their share of cuts and scrapes. It could be anything from a grazed knee from falling on the tarmac road, or a slight finger cut from playing sports. As a mother, our first instinct is to always to take the pain away and then work on diminishing the scar from their nice soft skin. Hiruscar Kids works well on all types of scars, and it moisturizes and protects your kids’ skin from inflammation, allergy and irritation. When applied continuously, it helps scars appear less visible, smoother and softer. It is also clinically proven to improve scars and uneven skin tone within 4 weeks. Doesn't that sound like music to our ears?

Hiruscar Kids

Small cute packaging makes it also convenient for travelling.

So we decided to try it out.

Hiruscar Kids must only be applied after the wound is fully closed – but since Aiden’s scar was at least 3 years old, that wasn't an issue for us. We applied Hiruscar Kids religiously 2-3 times daily since August. The gel was neither sticky nor greasy, and we noticed that it absorbs into the skin very well. Aiden especially loved the sweet pleasant smell of the gel – “it smells like flowers, Mummy!

Smooth gel consistency.

The outcome? Since Aiden’s scar was an old and extensive one, I estimated that it would take at least 6 months for it to fully heal and completely diminish. Since time wasn’t on our side, this is a picture of Aiden’s scar three months after. Even in three months, I noticed a significant improvement in Aiden’s scar’s appearance and colour. His skin is also much smoother and the skin tone has evened out beautifully. I would definitely continue the use of this product.

Lighter skin tone.

The verdict? Highly recommend! I urge all mothers to standby a tube of this magical gel at home – you never know when your kid would need this!

(Oh... how I wish Hiruscar would come up with a gel to reduce my pregnancy stretch marks - I would be the first in line to purchase it!)

For additional information of the Hiruscar Kids product, check out their website; and their Facebook page

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