Monday, November 24, 2014

Hi-5 Rainbow Birthday

Happy end-November everyone!

I had this post as a draft for the longest time. Simply couldn't find the time to write about it. But since this post is so cheerful and colourful, I decided that I should share this rainbow birthday with you! Certainly beats the Monday blues, right?

I designed the cake and the dessert table for the oh-so-adorable 1 year old based on her favourite TV show Hi-5. Her mother was quite specific about the cake being rainbow coloured, so below is the birthday cake. Slight regret, should have made the cake fondant base white (instead of pink) so that the rainbow colours could pop more against the white background.

Happy birthday Dafiya!

The great thing about being a hoarder, is that you seem to find the darndest things to complement just about any birthday theme you can think of. The bad thing is - your spare guest bedroom seems to have turned into a big huge storeroom overnight! I'm lucky I can even find the bed, sometimes!

Anywayyyyyyy, I found these great items somewhere in the mentioned guest bedroom - sweet polkadots and stripes in rainbow colours. Aaaaahhhh need a baby girl, pronto!

Wall decoration which matched beautifully with the rainbow polkadot table cloth and tutu spreads. Also rainbow striped napkins!
Working on matching printables. I am anal - like that!

And then, of course the baking began. I bought the hand palm cookie cutter in Houston and although it was not the Hi-5 palm, I made do with what I had and decorated it with fondant, adorned with the number 1 as her age. Then I baked macarons in all the basic pastel rainbow colours. Speaking of rainbow colours, this brings back memories of how we used to memorize our rainbow colours in Form 2; Michael Jackson killed his brother in USA (merah, jingga, kuning, hijau, biru, indigo, ungu). *sorry MJ!* Erk, my memory is so rusty that I actually had to google jingga (orange). *sigh* No wonder my son's tongue twists whenever he attempts to speak Malay!

Pastel yellow, green, blue and pink.
Hi-5 cookies.
In the making - three layers of white cake with cream cheese. *wipes drool*
The decorated cake.

The day of the event, a neighbour and I scrambled to get the dessert table ready. I thought the wall decoration was super cute - so fitting for a 1 year old girl's birthday. The colourful polkadot balloons added that cheerful touch too.

Hi-5 dessert table.
Colourful baked goods and candies.
Love that picture of Dafiya in her gown and holding the lollipop.

Just so you get a feel on how hard it was to try to get a one year old to sit still, pose and smile for her official birthday poster; I was literally on my knees, then my stomach, to try to get a decent picture of her. Not only that, I had to run around to keep up with her curiosity as she wanted to run everywhere in the garden to explore. We tried everything, clapping, singing, showing her Hi-5 videos... until finally we gave her a lollipop and I got one (I repeat one) decent photo of her smiling... then she was off running again! *smile* Well, that's kids for you - they're not made for sitting still!

That one decent shot.
Weird looking fingers.
Rainbow polkadots and stripes everywhere.
The birthday girl.
Ah, those layers! *why, hello calories!*
After the party, we actually ripped out the Hi-5 fondant logo from the cake for a selfie.

Happy birthday Dafiya. I hope you grow up to be a beautiful girl, inside and out. With love from all of us!


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