Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aiden's First Jubah

It was another weekend and we were going to spend the whole day in Shah Alam. I used to think that Shah Alam was reallyyyyy far away. But since buying a house there and the DUKE highway ready, it seems like it is just a stone's throw away from Ampang.

But the traffic jam to get from Shah Alam to KL on a weekday is still too horrendous for me to comprehend.

Anyway, since we were going to be in Shah Alam, we decided to visit a friend's new baby. Rizani and Shema received their second baby girl, Iman. Rizani is actually Hubby's friend and since they hung out quite a lot back when they were working in the same office, Shema tagged along. Shema works for the Dutch Oil Company as well but at a different location. And the thing about Shema is that, attitude-wise - she is exactly like me. And so we clicked! Of course the company's Instant Messenger service helped a lot in making us bond, but it was both our noisy personalities that made us really good friends.

So this was the morning before we left the house. Daddy was teaching Aiden how to write (a love letter) to Iman:

Aiden concentrating intently.

Gatalnyer muka Aiden! Absolute glee at the opportunity to visit a fellow friend!

Unfortunately no pictures of the new baby. I was too excited for being able to hold a newborn baby again (since Aiden), and Iman is such a wonderful baby. Put her in the playpen and she would go to sleep by herself. Bukan macam Aiden, asyik kena dodoi!!! Aiden was also very interested in Iman. He would look at her and try to touch her. Shema pulak was looking really good for a post natal Mummy. She is actually slimmer now then pre-pregnancy! *tepuk dahi sambil tanya kenapa diri sendiri tak boleh jadi macam Shema*

I notice that Aiden gets very interested in babies, birds hopping at the Mamak stall tables and cats that slink at your feet in restaurants. I encourage him to touch anything that interests him, and I sincerely hopes that he would love cats (like me!) so the other day I squatted beside the restaurant table, Aiden in my hands and called for the cat to come to me. And the funniest thing happened! When the cat got close to his feet, Aiden started to curl his toes in or rotate his foot away, like geli. It was so hillarious!

Anyway, after visiting the happy new parents, we went to visit my Uncle and Aunt who had just came back from Haji. Yeah, it took a while for us to find the time to visit them, but we finally did! And they bought for Aiden, his first ever jubah. It was so cute on him!!!

Aiden also got to try Air Zam Zam and he loved it. That's him playing with the spoon that we used to give him the water.

Daddy, visit orang balik dari Haji kena pakai kepiah ke?

Next was dinner courtesy of my Aunt. While Mummy and Daddy were busy enjoying dinner, my cousin helped entertain Aiden. And Aiden has hair fetish. He loves tugging on anyone's hair, even his own. Sometimes when he's grumpy he would tug on his own hair. If he wakes up grumpy in the middle of the night, I would let him pull on my hair and he would then fall back asleep. If I am on the bed and he's playing, he would 'lovingly' pull on my hair until I scream. If he's in anyone's arms and he sees hair tendrils hanging, he would 'innocently' pull it until you manage to wrench it out of his fingers. So I usually tie my hair up whenever I am anywhere near Aiden.

So this cousin of mine has really really short hair. Army crop! And Aiden got so frustrated because he couldn't pull on my cousin's hair!

Pull pull pull...

Aiden: "Why can't I seem to get a grip of his hair?"

Still trying to pull.

Aiden: "Aarrgghhh... Why can't I pull his hair!!! Why????"

Aiden: "Fine, I'll hit on his head instead!"

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  1. hahhaha aiden so comel. :)
    dh lama x baca ur blog. quite bz lately.
    take care



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