Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sneak Preview of Aiden's Birthday Party Grounds

Those familiar with my Facebook would acknowledge that these pictures are basi... Well I didn't feel comfortable posting these in my blog. Part of it was because hubby said not to, and the other part was because we of course wanted the place to remain as a surprise!

But then again, after studying the pictures and ommiting the ones that would give it away, I decided to blog about it. And anyway, we're still finalizing the price and I have at least 2 other options in mind still to consider, so why not, right?

So check out the limited pictures.

Aiden checking out the area.

Aiden: "I'm turning one soon!"

Daddy and Aiden really enjoyed the chicken chop and mashed potatoes!

Sedap hingga kemam mulut.

Sedap hingga sandar di kerusi dengan pose sangat malas.

Let me enlighten you with a story about this Osh Kosh overall. Purchased it at normal price back when I was still pregnant with Aiden in me. Just couldn't resist the tempation to shop and the striking red colour! And about two months after Aiden was born, they were selling this for 30% off! *tepuk dahi*

This place is really really really beautiful. If only I have the dough, I would invite everyone currently listed in my guest list. But to do it at this place, I need to shave the list to at least half. The other option is to have a bigger guest list at a cheaper place. Maybe I should just do it at a dewan mana mana *iskh*

After checking out the cafe, we left for The Gardens. And these pictures were the reason why I got myself an iPhone. All pictures below were taken by hubby from his iPhone, and man - was I impressed with the quality and colour clarity!

Although unfortunately, the iPhone couldn't make Mummy look a few pounds lighter! *sob*sob*

After this shot I insisted on taking Aiden's binky out of his mouth.

And in response, he smiled! Don't know why, but whenever Aiden's binky is pulled out of his mouth, he would laugh hysterically. Very funny!

The best pose of the day. I love iPhone!


  1. i know the place. hehe. my friend is co-owner =) but then i might be wrong kan..sapa lah saya nak tau tempat tempat hebak camni kan... kan.. =p


  2. Hebat nyer lah kan :P How come you know the co-owner? Hahaha I want discounts!!! ;)


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