Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 3: Tea Time in Singapore

You must be screaming... where the hell is Day 2??

Well, Day 2 was in Sentosa Island. We were there from morning till the lights and fireworks show at night - so lots of pictures! Haven't had the time to sort it out, delete those unflattering poses of mine and shrinking the picture size down for the blog. So wait a bit more yeah?

Anyway, this was our third and final day in Singapore. We had covered most of the shopping malls during the Christmas holidays, so we wanted to go to a mall that we hadn't been to. And suddenly hubby remembered about a particular shopping mall which we had visited during our Honeymoon number-4 trip back in June 2008. Unfortunately, the only thing he could remember was "Suntec".

So we gambled on our luck and took the MRT towards this so called "Suntec". And lo and behold! We found it! We even found the spot where we (Hubby, Yay - my bridesmaid and I) had sat down to have tea! And what better way to celebrate but to have tea again at the very same place! (Unfortunately the original cafe was torn down and replaced with this new cafe called The Coffee Connoisseur.)

Interesting napkin.

The menu.

This was on offer for their teatime. It looked scrumptious (except for the sandwich which had turkey non-halal slices in it) so hubby ordered it!

And this was what he got.

As for me, I ordered Seafood Aglio Olio. It was soooo good that hubby actually encouraged me to try to cook the same when we're back home! Me? Cook Aglio Olio? The only pasta I can successfully cook is Spaghetti Bolognese!

Our tea-time spread..

And the best part was - Aiden was fast asleep!

Yeay! Peace and quiet! Mummy and Daddy can dating!

Dating meaning Daddy can play with his iPhone.

While Mummy pesters Daddy to snap her picture with the iPhone. My, my what a romantic couple we are!

Halfway through our tea-time dating session, Aiden woke up for his tea-time.

And made such a mess!

Oh so the very cheeky!!!! My favorite picture out of the whole lot.

Zooming in on his face. Memang cheeky!!!

Aiden menyibuk while Mummy was trying to sign the bill.

In the airplane, going home. Actually the lavatory which had more space for Aiden to lie down for milk compared to the cramped area AirAsia call seats!

Bye Daddy, we'll visit you again soon!!!

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