Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Best Japanese in Town!

I previously blogged about prawns at the Best Japanese in Town, but I simply had to write about it again. Reason being, because I had the same prawns TWICE this month!

Last Friday, my sister and I were in Pavillion to find a birthday present for her mother. And after that we went to check out another alternative to Aiden's birthday grounds. By the time we were done, it was close to 6pm and we were hungry for dinner. And Tykoh Inagiku was just walking distance from where we were. It was only the two of us, and we didn't want to spend a bomb on food, so we only ordered fried rice and of course, the nyummy prawns.

You may think, among all the other dishes we've tried before, why particularly the fried rice? Because the fried rice is simply different from any other. We tried asking the chef about the secret ingredient, but he claims it is his air tangan that makes it so good.

Looks like any other fried rice in town right? So wrong!!!

This fried garlic is only made to order with reservation. And because it is so complicated to make, they don't just make it for anyone. Not even when my whole family (including my dad) visits. So it was a pleasant surprise when this time arond, the chef gave us a bowl of these to munch on while waiting!

Two prawns, one for each of us. Notice the blob of yellow mixture beside it? That's a special by the chef just for us - extra secret sauce!!

Ooohhhh so gooooooddd!

And the extra sauce in a separate bowl! We ratah this sauce on its own, and my sister even mixed some in her fried rice!

The fried rice. We told the chef how famished we were, and he was so sweet - he made extra and served our order in a slightly bigger bowl than usual. He even fried a whole salmon (about the size of my palm) and mixed it into the fried rice! On the house!

And below are pictures from early this month. My sister and I had just picked up my iPhone from Maxis and I was eager to try it out. While my brother and his stewardess girlfriend were celebrating her first paycheque so they invited us to have dinner with them.
My sister, the one who always dragsss me to these fattening places to eat!

Aiden joined us this time!

Aiden bullying Uncle Boy.

Finally! Confined to the baby chair while we all enjoyed our food.

The starter salad.

Awien showing off her chopstick skills.

Even though they were both celebrating her paycheque, my sister and I were not included - because we had to pay for our own meal!!!

Fresh seafood. I love my iPhone camera!

This picture is making me hungry.

Really hungry.

Even Aiden had a bite of the delicious salmon. Mashed - because Aiden still has no teeth! It was Aiden's first time having Salmon and he enjoyed it immensely.

Extra sauce for the prawns. But not served in a separate bowl!

Now I know why I have trouble losing weight...

Finally the fried rice is ready.

See... smaller bowl, kan kan?

Aiden: "Uncle Boy, let me go! I want more Salmon!!!"

Aiden: "Aaarrrggghhh...."

And this is Aiden - uncontrollable in the car:

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