Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sneak Preview of Aiden's Birthday!

Hubby finally made the time to snap a couple of pictures of Aiden in his Manchester United jersey with his DSLR. This is in preparation for Aiden's 1st Birthday Party. For what exactly you ask? Well that's a secret. You'll just have to wait for mid April to find out!

This set of jersey, shorts and socks were purchased by a fellow Sakhalin colleague of mine especially for Aiden. It came all the way from London! Unfortunately, the smallest size available was for a one year old infant, so it has been hanging at the closet door of Aiden's nursery for quite a while - just waiting for him to fit into it!

During the photography session, Aiden was pretty grumpy because he had just woken up from his sleep (he's usually grumpy when waking up - just like Mummy), and he got really irritated with the huge shorts he was forced to wear! The outfit was still too big for him, and i'm crossing my fingers hoping that he'll grow big enough to fit into it in time for his first birthday...

Grumpy Aiden, the staunch Man U supporter!

Don't be fooled by the innocent front he's putting on.

Aiden standing with the help of a football decorative stool.

His lengan still has the chubby lines, though they look quite faded *sob*sob*

Grumpy Aiden simply refused to smile. Had to give him the stool to reduce his moodiness.

Preoccuppied with his new toy.

Nope, still no smile. Mencebik jer. By this time, Daddy was just about to give up!

Daddy give up, Aiden give up.

Aiden seriously gave up!

Okay, Mummy's turn with the DSLR. Aiden climbing on the sofa.

And munching on the stool leg.

And with the help of Daddy's clown antics, finally.... a smile!!!

So, which one of the above poses made the cut as the official picture for Aiden's first birthday??? Your guess!


  1. Hehehehe salahhhh salahhhh....

  2. I like pic number 8. Number 1 pun ok jugak.

  3. Hehehehehe salah jugak. Waaahhh banyak sgt ke pose comel Aiden sampai tak dapat guess? ;)


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