Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Abah!

I know the post says Happy Birthday Abah but really, a lot of other things happened before the celebration...

Daddy was home last weekend. Notice that he has been home every weekend for the past few weeks? Unfortunately, he's a teeny weeny bit homesick. So Aiden and I try to make the most of the days whenever Daddy's home!

This time, it was spent at Shah Alam again (oh, what else is new *rolls eyes*). First stop was a wedding. My late Mum's friend, who is also a distant relative, extended an invitation to us to attend her son's wedding. We went with both of my aunts and an uncle (the other uncle got left behind...poor him!).

The lunch reception.

Aiden acting all "goody goody two shoes".

Which lasted for probably one minute. That's Aiden with a spoon. Prior to the spoon he had thrown the fork, the knife and even the plastic plate.

That's Daddy trying to discpline his son. And Aiden squealing in protest.

Aiden's formal shoes. Purchased these when he was only 4months old and nearly 6months down the line, it still fits!

After the wedding, we left for my in-laws. But on the way we decided to stop by Glenmarie. We were on the hunt for this particular new housing development, called Temasya Glenmarie. This is a link house, with a build up between ~3500 - 4500 sqft (macam bungalow!), and at launch the cheapest lot was selling for ~RM750K.

Why were we so interested in the house? Because a colleague of mine told me a very interesting story about the development. Apparently, a few days before they officially launched the property, a queue had already formed outside the developer's office. And a mutual colleague of ours actually decided to try his luck. He was waiting in line when suddently the second guy in line (who's actually just a paid runner to queue up) called at him. This runner guy offered him his place in return for RM60,000. This colleague of ours thought about it, but decided to decline. He wanted to try his luck by queuing up. Unfortunately, when he got in, all the units were taken up! But one of the salesperson made him an offer. RM200,000 in return for a guaranteed unit. *gasp* Ridiculous right? Let's just say he gave himself a huge smack on his head for not taking the first 60K offer.

Why the ridiculous offers? Because two months after launch, the price of that ~RM750K house had shot up to RM1.1M. RM400K profit in two months!!!

So of course we simply had to find it!

Huge porch. It even has a small built-in pedestrian gate at the side! There is even a space at the porch (behind the glass panel) specifically meant for you to built either a shoe rack or space to put your kid's bicycle.

I love the louvered windows and the butterfly shaped roofs.

I don't know how many sacks of pebble stones that had to buy for this one house!

Banyak kan pebble stone??? I also love the white built-in grill which covers the door to the kitchen at the back.

They even laid carpet grass (instead of the lousy cow grass we got!)

Check out the side door to the lawn.

Peeked into the windows. Interesting staircase!

Really pretty. Definitely no renovation needed for the outside area.

Aaaahhhh I soooo love this developer for this!

The only thing I don't like about the development. Too many factories around, and a parking lot for busses??!!

We were quite surprised when we finally found the development. Because when we were house hunting, we could actually see the butterfly shaped roof from the main road, but we did not bother checking it out as it is a link house. However to be fair, we would not have purchased this house anyway, mainly because of the surroundings. The front row is probably the unluckiest of the lot. The factories are located right opposite them.

So why did the price hike up so quickly! We believe it is because of accessibility. The road to NKVE is right beside Temasya's entrance, and not to forget access to NPE is available a bit further up. And according to my colleague, the future Putra line shall be extended to Glenmarie before it goes into Subang. And where is the future station? Yup you guessed it, right smack beside Temasya.

Okay enough property talk. We left Temasya all sweaty and dirty towards my in-laws, and lucky Aiden was able to take a bath!

Aiden's official "bath tub". Container was previously used to mix kuih raya!!!

It was lucky number 55 for Abah!

My mother in law prepared quite a spread! We had chicken rice, roti jala with kuah durian (which was to die for!) and not to forget, CAKE!!!

Cute bow!

Happy Birthday Abah! Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki!!!


  1. Mula2 tengok rumah tu wow!! Tapi lokasi berdekatan kilang2 pulak....

  2. liz dear,
    x sabar nk tgk ur hse after make over. make sure u put the pic b4 n after k.



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