Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Ten Months Old Aiden!

OMG Mummy's baby has turned into a two-digit age! Aiden is finally TEN months old (and Mummy is still carrying the same weight for the past 6months!).

So what can he do now?

In terms of talking, Aiden can now say Mamamama, Dadadada, Babababa and a whole other barrage of word repeatitions, it sometimes sounds like he is trying out the whole range of alphabets! Sometimes he says Mamamama to me, and sometimes he says Mamamama whenever he's pissed off. Like trying to say "Mama, help me (beat this person up)". I can never be sure that he is able to link the word Mama to me, but he sure hell says it frequently whenever I am around.

In terms of shouting, Aiden loves to squeal, shout and shriek. He loves having growling and shrieking matches with anyone who's willing to go against him. And don't say I didn't warn you about his high pitch shrieks! The higher your shrieks are, the higher his shrieks get. The longer your shrieks go, the longer his will go. The deeper your growls are, the deeper his get. I usually stop after 4 or 5 shrieks/growls because Aiden hates losing. In the end, if I insist on winning, he'll just start crying. Spoil sport!

And I've never met a baby who growls! Seriously! I think its because whenever I read him his soft book, i'll say "L for Lion... *roar*" and I think he kinda picked that up and turned it into a game...

In terms of personality, he enjoys being the center of attention. The shrieking games and growls are a way of ensuring that everybody pays attention to him. Just yesterday when my sister, my MIL and I were having a laugh over something (while ignoring him), he suddenly shrieked on top of his lungs until we got so shocked we immediately asked him what was wrong. And of course nothing was wrong! Meet my son - the drama king.

Same thing as in the airplane or at a busy restaurant. He'll turn around and look for a person who'll smile or agah him. The minute he identifies that person, he'll continue looking at the same person (even bending over backwards to ensure continuous eye contact), and smile so adorably and put his arms out so cutely that that person would almost definitely continue paying attention to him. Until we touchdown or we finish our meal.

Also, he enjoys throwing tantrums. He'll throw a tantrum whenever whatever he's playing with is taken from him. He throws a tantrum whenever not given something he had been eyeing for. He doesn't care for my "No, no, no" screams - he'll just turn and smile cheekily. He is so manja that I can't even scold him.

He hates watching cartoons. No matter how often I turn on Playhouse Disney and try to coax him to watch the TV, his longest attention span is about 2 minutes. He actually prefers to stand and cruise around while holding the sofa for support. Usually he'll cruise to where I am quietly working online and bang on the laptop (which explains the two missing keys on the keyboard). He now knows how to "give", and hands over anything he has in hand to my open hands. But instead of handing it properly, he'll just take it back as soon as the thing touches my hand. Do this over and over again and he'll start laughing.

As for sleeping patterns, he still sleeps late. Whenever Hubby takes the bus from Singapore to KL, I would usually wait up for him until he arrives. And at 2am, when Hubby walks into the door, there's Aiden waiting for him with open arms. In the day, he still sleeps dodoi-ed by Bibik. Sometimes I have to do it at night, but sometimes he just tosses and turns on the bed with me and fall asleep on his own. He still hates sleeping in the playpen. He is very buas sleeper, he takes up more space on the bed compared to me and Hubby combined!

In terms of his food intake, he lost some weight about a month ago as he was so sick of his old formula milk. It was at this junction that he mastered the art of shaking his head to indicate No. I think, initially, he shook his head so that his mouth would not touch the bottle teat. But then he understood that shaking his head also means No. Anyway, it took two different kinds of formula and tons of yogurt until he finally settled on this new formula. Even now he still has to be coaxed into drinking milk. Which explains why he doesn't hold his own bottle. He knows how to hold the bottle, but if forced to hold, he'll just play with it. So in the end we just decided to hold it for him. He hates instant baby food. He hates pureed carrots. And he hates Bibik's concoction of bubur. But absolutely loves my MIL's porridge recipe. It was an absolute life saver, and now I need to think of other recipes before my boy gets sick of this porridge! Aiden prefers our food compared to his. No matter how weird the taste is, he would open his mouth wide and insist on trying the food on our plates. Which is why we usually eat behind his back!

In terms of his physical self, he still has no teeth. Just lots of teething with nearly anything within reach. On a good day, if asked to kiss (by putting my face near his mouth), he would kiss (bite) on my cheek - all wet and drooly. But only to me. Very rarely to Daddy. Or anyone else.

He recognises people, but still tak memilih. Anyone can just pick him up and play with him - unless he just bangun tido and is feeling grumpy. If he's grumpy, sometimes even Bibik doesn't make the final cut and he gets really clingy to me. He now knows how to put the ball in the hole on top of the palm tree (a Playskool toy) which is so exciting because it means that he actually understands the mechanics of the toy. He just doesn't know how to push it down so we usually push the ball down to make the toy sing.

Aiden - you're still and will forever will be the apple of our eyes!

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