Friday, February 19, 2010

A Weekend in Ipoh

After spending the long Chinese New Year weekend in KL, hubby decided to take a break from the Singapore-KL-Singapore commuting and concentrate on work during the weekend. So I took the opportunity to balik kampung! My father had not seen Aiden for quite a while and my sister offered to drive. And I didn't want to spend the weekend with only Bibik at home for conversation.

On the highway, my stepmother called to tell us that my Dad had purchased a table at the Royal Ipoh Club's Chinese New Year dinner and we were all to attend it. But it was already 7pm and we were only half way! My sister immediately stepped on the fuel pedal but unfortunately we only arrived at 830pm *grand entrance*

I have not been to the club for quite a while so I was quite impressed with the new look!

We were on Table 15!

The stage.

By the time we arrived, we were sooo hungry and immediately stuffed ourselves with food. It was only halfway that I remembered to snap some pictures - hence the half eaten fish!

Deep fried prawns.

And of course, Yee Sang!

Aiden behaving really well with Tok.

Acrobatic performance.

My Dad filming the whole event.

The family had to stand to watch the performance.

Small kids doing really remarkable gymnastic moves!


Bertambah kagum!

A group of Chinese mafia gang, who did some "Wachaaaa!!!" moves!

The gymnast again.

Doing the split in the air!

And of course, a must in every dinner - best dressed male and female catwalk. Oh, and yes - she won. Body cantik padahal a mother of 3!

Aiden checking out the pretty ladies catwalking on the floor!

The prize giving ceremony. The mat saleh guy in the black kung fu suit won best dressed male.

Aiden had not seen Azalea for quite a while, so he looked quite puzzled!

But by the end of the dinner they were holding hands. Awwww....

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