Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Beach Boy

Last weekend Hubby was home, and he was absolutely craving for some KFC! Although KFC is available in Singapore, he claims that it tastes better with Aiden around. So I dressed Aiden up in the latest outfit I purchased for him (from the Chinese New Year sale!).

I fell in love with this Osh Kosh B'Gosh yellow beach shorts the minute I saw it. Because I had been hunting high and low for the perfect bermudas for Aiden. Actually, a few months before I gave birth, I fell in love with a beach bermuda in Gap but the only size they had was for newborn - 9pounds or ~3.5kg. So I had no other choice but to buy it.

Unfortunately Aiden was a 4.07kg baby. He couldn't even fit into the bermuda as soon as he stepped foot into into this world!

Finally, Aiden can now go to the beach!!

Aiden: "Check out my cute butt!"

To complete the outfit, was a pair of selipar jepun Daddy purchased in Singapore during our Chirstmas trip there. Check out his chubby toes!

Susah betul pujuk Aiden to part his toes in order to squeeze that blue stub in between!

Baby Havaianas!

Then off we went to KLCC for some KFC! The last time Aiden and us were in KFC, he wanted to try a taste of our food, and brilliant Mummy (that's me being sarcastic) gave Aiden some mashed potatoes WITH the gravy. And everybody knows how much crappy stuff is used to make fast food! I should have just given him the mashed potatoes... plain and simple. And of course, that night Aiden suffered from *cirit birit*!! So this time around, no more gravy!!

Tak sesuai sungguh beach outfit Aiden for KLCC!

Aiden: "Mashed potatoes, satu!"

KFC, that's where I wanna beeeee......

Next stop, Mothercare for a new binky because Aiden had successfully hidden all three of his binkys all around the house. Well, actually I had purchased new binkys during one of my lunch breaks and had decided to get the bigger version of his usual Avent binky. Unfortunately Aiden rejected it! He still insists on the 0-3 months version even though he is now 10months!

Daddy's tangan lenguh so he plopped Aiden in one of the display cots.

Aiden: "Waahhh that's big money!"

Daddy spending quality time with Aiden before heading back to Singapore yet again.

Ooohhh and the best part of the day! Guardian was giving double Big Headz stickers for that weekend and instead of getting only 8 (for Aiden's milk, bottle cleanser etc etc), they gave me 16!!

I am now only 4 more stickers away to a Big Headz! Not that it is cute or anything... but it is just the thrill of accomplishment that keeps me going!

And the closing for the day - Daddy ctaches the bus back to Singapore. Bye Daddyyyyyy......

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