Saturday, February 6, 2010

Of Handbags and Luck

I think it is luck. After receiving an LV thanks to dear hubby, I am surprised yet again by another free handbag! Is this really luck? Or do people know that I have a handbag fetish - therefore automatically buying me a handbag as a gift?

Wait, hold on. I don't have luck. Hmm... must be the fetish!

This new Coach handbag is just a Godsent. My dear Aunt went to Boston, New York and Florida for a holiday and she got me this as a gift. No, not a birthday present. But a gift! Free okay, no strings attached! And I didn't even ask for one, nor expect to receive one! See, good things do happen to good people. Because when I was in Houston for a course last year, I got her a Coach handbag. But then again, I was still on a Sakhalin paycheque back then. Kalau sekarang, unfortunately janganlah harap.

I absolutely love it. I have been dying for a new black handbag for work and this is just perfect. A shoulder bag and big enough to toss nearly everything and anything!

Although technically this design was chosen by my dear cousin (thank god!). I probably wouldn't have liked anything my aunt picked out. Sooooo not my style!

A less flashy picture. Check out the horse-carriage, Coach style!

Haven't seen this design in the Coach stores in KL. Very unique!

Okay.. no more handbags for 2010. Yeah right!!!! *huge grin*


  1. Love your bag.. Can I have ur lucky luck stream.. *winks*

  2. Heheheh thank you, I love my bag too. This is not luck ;) Cos I don't have luck :P


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