Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 1: A Night in Clarke Quay

During the longggg Thaipusam plus Federal Territory holiday streak, Aiden and I found the opportunity to visit Daddy in Singapore again! Truth to be told, the only reason why I planned another trip there was to claim our GST refunds. During the last Christmas holiday we had accumulated hundreds of Sing dollars worth of refunds but I was unable to cash them out as the GST line was ridiculously long during my flight out. I was this close to missing my flight, if it had not been for the slight flight delay of the airplane from KL to Singapore.

But then again, logically thinking, the cost of new air tickets + taxi back n forth between LCCT and home is probably more than the GST refunds! Oh well, you win some, you lose some!

We arrived on Thursday night (Dutch Oil company gave us Friday off in lieu of Thaipusam) and on Friday morning Aiden and I lounged around doing nothing. The last time Aiden was in Singapore he still couldn't crawl, so this time around he crawled like there was no tomorrow - inspecting every nook and every crany in the house.

Finally Daddy arrived home from work, and we decided to spend Friday night in Clarke Quay. And Friday night is usually when all the night club hangouts and seafood shops make their most profit!

Still didn't own the iPhone back then, so had to make use of the Canon digital camera for pictures.

I wonder what the guy and the girl in the picture were trying to do... wrestle maybe??

Beautiful quay side!

Aiden fast asleep in his stroller.

The Clinic. This is seriously the coolest club I have ever seen. You can't really see it in the picture, but drinks are served in giant syringes (don't know how they pour it down their throats, but it was really cool!).

They even have wheelchairs as chairs! Real wheelchairs in which you could push forward, backward, do wheelies... okay you get the drift.

Instead of boring sofas, they made their sofas to look like hospital beds, white clean linen and all!

This is the coveted chair at the main entrance. If you dare, they'll hook you up with an IV full of booze!

We then checked out the famous Turkish ice-cream shop. All the Mat-Sallehs were queuing up for one, due to the heat!

Check out the turkish red hat and the huge lump on the cone! Strictly for picture show purposes!

We then decided to stop for some dinner, at an Indonesian restaurant. We were so famished, we didn't even remember to snap any pictures of the food! And to make matters more complicated, Aiden decided to wake up... just as we walked into the restaurant.

Sempat amik gambar posing dengan menu jer, while waiting for food!

This is me with a full tummy. And their young coconut drink was absolutely thirst-quenching!

And this was when we got home after Clarke Quay. Aiden segar bugar at 1am, refusing to sleep.

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