Monday, February 8, 2010

Aiden's New Beemer

Last Tuesday, I finally picked up Baby Beemer from Auto Bavaria, fresh from its long overdued service. They took my car for a total of ONE week! Okay fine, it was partly my fault because I was in Singapore till Monday.

So on Tuesday morning, Ken - my trusty Auto Bavaria salesperson, actually made a personal side trip on his way to work to pick me up from home. Seriously, he is really committed, his after sales service is absolutely to die for, I am definitely recommending him to any of my friends thinking of buying a Beemer from Auto Bavaria. And I believe he is the highest ranking salesperson in Auto Bavaria Glenmarie. He clocks in at least 16 Beemer sales in 3 months! And people don't buy Beemers everyday like buying ayam at Tesco, okay!

Okay, back to the story. So Ken picked us (Aiden, Bibik and I) from home at around 715am. Heh, even I don't wake up that early to get to work! And my son is sooo like me. Not a morning person. His wake-up time is usually between 9-10am. If he wakes up at 8am (very rare), which is also around the time when I would leave for the office, he would drive (hold steering wheel) the car out of the porch with me, and then back into Bibik's arms who dodoi's him back to sleep. Then he'll only wake up officially at 10am. Therefore, for him to wake up at 715am only to be whisked out of the door to somewhere foreign, is also very foreign to him. So check out pictures of bleary-eyed Aiden playing at the Auto Bavaria kids play room while we waited for Baby Beemer.

See! I told you bleary eyed! Muka stoned.

Close up of his blur face. Aaahhh Mummy cair...

Aiden now knows how to grip the steering wheel in the (real) Beemer.

Adorable fingers.

Tyres sponsored by Michelin. Model on top of car also used to be the Michelin Boy!

His feet barely touched the ground!

Next, say hello to Barney the Purple Dinasour!

Aiden: "Mummy, what is this??"

Aiden: "Mummy, this thing won't speak! Get me out of here!!"

Only in the mornings will you be able to coax him into trying new stuff, or influence him to do anything you want, or not give him something he wants. Because he'll be too sleepy to argue. Yup, Aiden now has a mind of his own. If he wants something, you better give it to him. If you give something else instead, he'll baling the thing you gave and keep squealing (not crying) for the thing he wants.

Cranky, but at the same time very adorable!

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