Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Face?

Bought this hair band for myself. Was pretty happy with my pretty purchase until hubby exclaimed "You ingat you muda lagi ke nak pakai bunga kat kepala?". Cheh.

In order to not let the hair band go to waste, I decided to try it out on my anak teruna. Sorry Aiden, Mummy has no one else to bully! And Daddy wouldn't let Mummy get anywhere near him with the hair band!

Aiden is becoming more and more like his Daddy. He has inherited Daddy's baby face and dimple. Yes, granted he is a baby. But he has this soft nearly girly face. Not girly like curly eye lashes but more like what the Malays would call "jambu". My sister in-laws even have a picture of him wearing a tudung (head scarf), and he looked really cute!

What do you think? Baby face?

My baby Jambu!!!

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