Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Settlement to THE Dispute

Thanks to our future neighbour depan rumah, we were informed that our house fence dah ditinggikan. The funny thing is, she thought we tinggikan the fence because we wanted more privacy, and at our own cost. When I told her that the whole fence thingy was done by the developer FOC, she wanted the same as well! The same meaning including FOC!

Well that is what we receive in return for having a Pencawang Electric (PE) as a neighbour. The issue on the PE had been discussed at great lengths with the developer. And having the fence higher is the least that they could have done for us! We would have preferred for them to move the PE elsewhere, but then that became just a dream. We wanted them to make a lane in between the PE and our house, but there wasn't enough land setback and also it was a bit of a security issue - anyone with any intent of malice would be able to get to work shadowed between the house and the PE.

So yeah, we had to just settle for a higher fence. Not that we are happy. But what else can we do? I don't think any of us are going to profit from bringing this issue to the lawyers (although I would loveeeee to drag SPK's butt to the courts if given a Pro Bono lawyer).

Therefore, check out the changes:

Before: Low fence (people can just panjat over it) and ridiculous height difference with the PE fence.

After: Higher fence.

After: Although ditinggikan, the PE fence is still higher. Which was what we requested for. Didn't want to impose a prison feel to the house.

Before: Inside view. More ridiculous fence height difference.

Before: Ridiculous right?

After: The fence is now flushed to the same height as the PE fence.

After: I have a feeling my back door neighbour is going to complain because now his fence and my fence are mismatched!

After: More hacking to be done for the BBQ door.

What a mess they made!

Definitely going to complain about this one.

And also, a few snapshots of some scrapped designs for our house. Mind you, I said scrapped. So why exactly am I showing it?

Because I reallyyyyyy want to show you the final design, but I reallyyyyyyyy think I should refrain from doing so until we have started on the renovations. So yeah, just a tease!

We scrapped a couple of windows from this one.

Can you see my Interior Designer cum Contractor in the background???

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